Walking Back To Happiness in Whitstable

Kristen, who started the Facebook page ‘Walking Back To Happiness’, shares her story with CommunityAd about how a simple stroll and a stunning snap has helped her in 2021.


Walking Back To Happiness now has over 100 followers, and Kristen posts regularly with new snaps and updates.


“We moved back to Whitstable last summer, after over twenty years in Cambridgeshire. Over the years, life has dealt me a few knock backs. I’d got into a rut, and wasn’t looking after my physical, or mental health, as well as I should have been. The move here felt like I’d wiped the slate clean. I was back by the sea, and didn’t want to waste any more time, not appreciating how wonderful it is. So, I let myself settle in for a few months, then set myself the challenge of walking every day. Whatever the weather! I do a minimum of 12,000 steps every single day.

“Walking has certainly become more popular and more appreciated I believe. When there was very little to do but walk, it became a lifeline to many people I’m sure. A way to feel grounded, as well as still connected to where we live. For me, it was a chance to fully immerse myself in the natural world. Whatever was happening globally with the pandemic, the world kept on going. Nature forged ahead. The seasons changed. Lifecycles were turning all around us. Sometimes I spent time just focusing on small things, to try and blank out the bigger picture. Photographing buds opening, or the changes in the skies, kept me going, and let me see that the world wasn’t stopping.

“Appreciating your local environment is so important, isn’t it? We are truly blessed to have this beautiful place right here on our doorstep! I go out every day and it’s never the same. I’ve watched grey skies and mist dissolve into blue, and fluffy white clouds. Seen wild flowers bloom amongst the pebbles and seagulls raise their noisy young! And it’s not just fascinating down on the beach here. I like to meander along different streets each day. I’m appreciating the range of architectural styles, the stunning gardens and quirky touches. I find different paths and alleys all the time, and I have enjoyed every walk.

“Walking is tremendously good for body and soul. I get fidgety until I’m out of the door now! I can’t wait to breathe in that fresh sea air and see where today takes me. I’ve gone from being really inactive to walking between 40-60 miles each week. I’ve already notched up more than 1,500 miles and I’m still going! You don’t need expensive gear. Just be sensible! Dress for the weather and flat footwear is best. I’m outside in my rain poncho even in torrential rain. I’ve waved goodbye to glamour living here! Know your limitations. Start slowly if necessary. It’s about getting outside and getting moving. Do what’s right for you.


“If I can do it, so can you!


“I’ve lived in Whitstable just a year. But we did live here many years ago, so I’m technically a local! It’s such a special place. I love the harbour and the quirky, independent shops. I’m a real foodie, having had my own bespoke catering business for several years, so this place is heaven! You can stroll around and it’s got such a wonderful vibe. But out of season it’s still magical. I’m definitely here forever now.”


To keep up to date with Kristen’s journey follow ‘Walking Back To Happiness’ on Facebook.

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