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Under the Rainbow Exhibition in Dartford

A very exciting non-profit exhibition of Uplifting Art called ‘Under the Rainbow’ will be coming to Bluewater from 27th September – 1st November 2021 and has been a very exciting opportunity for all sorts of artists to exhibit artwork.


This very exciting non-profit event will showcase some wonderful art from a range of artists and is looking to promote an inclusive, uplifting, and joyful vibe, celebrating community, mindfulness, and kindness following what has been a difficult period in all our lives.

Ewa Page is a Manager at one of the stores in Bluewater and works in hospitality; she has, however, always had a huge passion for art since her childhood and during lockdown she decided to get back into art once again after she realised there was an opportunity to learn about something special.

Her daughter is a fantastic artist who encouraged Ewa to start painting during lockdown and she has since gone on a journey of re-learning her love for art. Ewa told CommunityAd, I was able to get myself into the whole creative world; I’ve learnt so much and it’s been amazing. Art is my hobby and has kept me sane and happy during lockdown. I have children and family, so it has always been difficult to make time for art but I’m so pleased I did.”


During a conversation with one of her friends she found out her friends’ daughter had just finished university and hadn’t been able to exhibit her artwork due to COVID restrictions; for artists this year has been difficult and the cancellation of so many exhibitions for these young artists gave Ewa the idea of putting on a positive community-based exhibition herself. Her idea started this year and everything has escalated extremely fast.

She decided to speak to one of the managers at work to find out if it would be possible to use a venue at Bluewater. They very kindly donated the use of a venue for free. It was a blindshot and Ewa still can’t believe it is now happening; she hoped to build a community and she has met some incredible people, doing exactly that along the way.

They have zero funding; however, they have been very fortunate to receive donations and so much incredible support. The company Ewa works for donated and they’ve been supported by other restaurants at Bluewater who will be providing them with prosecco and food for the opening date. Everyone is simply delighted to be part of it and Ewa is hoping the Under the Rainbow exhibition will be a very special day.

Ewa has met the right people along the way, who she couldn’t have done any of this without. They now have a committee that is made up of;

Ewa Page – Chairperson,

Allison Ridley – Vice Chairperson,

Erika Notarianni – Secretary, and

Avril Christensen – Committee Member.

Alison Ridley is an artist and Ewa’s partner in crime in this fantastic project. She couldn’t do it without her and they have worked tirelessly together.


Ewa wants the event to very much be a positive community event that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone; the exhibition will include many young creative people and emerging artists including Ewa herself.

They are hoping to apply for some grants in the upcoming months and will be having a raffle for the event to help raise funds. They will also be asking small businesses to support them in any way they can.

Ewa wants to say a huge thank you to every single person that supported them in this project so far.


Contact Ewa Page/Allison Ridley at Undertherainbowexhibition@gmail.com for more information, and be sure to attend the Under the Rainbow exhibition this September!

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