The Sunflower Project – Safe Spaces in Tunbridge Wells

The Sunflower Project was set up to support people who have been a victim of domestic abuse and to help them get the support they need.


The Sunflower Project was founded by Victoria Crowhurst in early 2023 after having built a friendship with another local woman with whom they shared the same abuser.


“I wanted to create a local community for anyone who’s experienced or is currently in a domestic abuse relationship. When my baby son and I escaped our abusive relationship ten years ago, I was totally unaware of any local support available when I needed it the most. I know with that information available, I would have left much earlier.

“We want to be known in the area for what we do, there’s still too much stigma around the subject of domestic abuse. If it’s happening to you, there’s nothing to be ashamed of and you shouldn’t feel silenced, it can happen to anyone by anyone, in all walks of life.

“Here at the project, I hold monthly support mornings every last Friday of the month at 10am in the lovely Belle Empire on Mount Ephraim. We often have regular speakers, and so far we’ve had Cora Valentine – Goddard, a domestic abuse divorce lawyer, and trustee from DAVSS share their wisdom and advice.

“We are the go between for anyone unsure of what to do, where to go, and maybe just needs an informal chat, cup of tea or a hug.”


Throughout the year Victoria will be holding different events to raise awareness and funding. One project constantly running is the Safe Spaces Project. Victoria has been signing up as many local businesses in Kent as possible to become a safe space, which is a space to come if you need to make that all important call for the right support.  To become a safe space, all you need is a private area and a phone line, with Victoria providing the information and posters. So far there are six safe spaces in Tunbridge Wells, including Belle Empire, Bleu Rose, The Buzz, HSBC, Boots, Metro Bank and a couple more to announce soon.


Victoria is also qualified in trauma informed sound and reiki healing. Free sessions are currently available via referral from DAVSS for anyone who has trauma from Domestic Abuse.

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