The Faversham Almshouses & Faversham Municipal Charities

CommunityAd find out more about the wonderful local charity that dates back to 1835.


The Faversham Almshouses & Faversham Municipal Charities are situated on beautiful landscaped grounds and help provide affordable housing for those in need and the opportunity to live independent lives.

The charity encourages the independence of its residents as well as providing regular well-being checks and advice on sources of additional support.

Carolyn Flanagan is the Clerk to the Trustees at the Faversham Municipal Charities and we managed to speak to her and find out more about the rich history of this fantastic charity.


To readers who may not know, can you explain The Faversham Almshouses & Faversham Municipal Charities and the work you do?

The Faversham Almshouses, administered by Faversham Municipal Charities, have existed at their present-day site in South Road since 1863, although their origins date back much farther to 1614.

Today, the Almshouses consist of 69 units, most of them in the splendid 1863 building, the largest, and arguably the finest, scheme of its kind in Kent. The site has studio one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. They provide affordable housing for those in need and the opportunity to live independent lives.

As well as providing almshouse accommodation, the Trustees of Faversham Municipal Charities (FMC) are permitted to make grants for certain charitable objects within FMC’s area of benefit, which is the town of Faversham. The objects that may be supported are education, relief in need, the Recreation Ground and heritage. FMC also holds in trust the freehold of Faversham Recreation Ground, which was opened in 1860.


You have been running for over 160 years which is incredible. From a personal perspective what have been some of your most memorable moments with the charity and are there any traditions, or rules that are still in place today from when you were first founded in 1863?

The charity was set up in 1835-36 as the Charitable Trustees for Faversham, an independent body to run charities previously run by the former Faversham Corporation, and so has been in existence for 188 years.

It was said that when the Almshouses were first built, the covered walkways were designed so that the residents did not get wet walking to the Chapel and so had no excuse not to attend the Sunday morning service. Today, monthly Chapel services still take place come rain or shine for those who wish to attend.

The flats were modernised in 1981 and 1982 at a cost of £1 million and were reopened by the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. In 1989, 16 new units were built at the back of the site. In 1998 we were pleased to welcome the then HRH Prince Charles to the Almshouses on a visit.


Have you received support from the local community in Faversham during distressing moments i.e. COVID etc.?

During the COVID pandemic, we were very pleased to receive support from the Rotary Club of Faversham, Morrisons and Gist in particular. We also had support from the Scouts and local schools, who very kindly wrote to our residents and sent Christmas cards.


What are your aims for this year and long-term over the next 5-10 years?

To continue to help those in need and thus to continue to provide an important service to the town of Faversham. In the shorter term the whole roof of the main 1863 building is in urgent need of repair. Phase one of the repair is nearing completion, but we need to raise funds to repair phase two. If this work is not undertaken in the next 5-10 years, it is likely to cause irreparable damage to the Almshouses.


Applicants must have lived in the town of Faversham continuously for at least 5 years immediately preceding application.

This does not include outlying villages eg. Oare and Graveney.

For further information on the criteria and how to apply for Almshouse accommodation, email [email protected]

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