The Dulcettes – Hawkinge Duo

Victoria and Holly are a shining example that duets do really work, the pair were individual artists before being asked to collaborate at The War & Peace Revival in 2017.


The performance wowed audiences who quizzed the talented two on how long they’d been singing together? They knew then they were on to a good thing and the Dulcettes were established, ‘Happy Days’ (which is the name of the girls’ feature album).


CommunityAd had the pleasure to sit down with the local duo and pose some questions about the year just gone and what’s to come in 2022.


Despite the first lockdown-governed months, you had a busy 2021, any gigs stand out? It must have been so nice to be back on stage doing what you do best?

We have been very lucky to get back to doing what we love this year. We enjoyed performing at lots of private and public events over the summer, particularly Twinwood, which is one of the UK’s largest vintage festivals! This was also the first time we were able to catch up with friends and other vintage acts from all over the country, some of which we’d only ever spoken to online during the pandemic! Equally, we have loved being able to perform our favourite Christmas tunes in these winter months, spreading festive cheer over Kent.


One gig we particularly enjoyed was the local one back in May 2021 when you performed at the Battle of Britain memorial, what are your memories of that one?

That was actually the first time we had sung in harmony, together in nearly a year due to the pandemic. We used it as a busking type session and thoroughly enjoyed being able to sing together again. It was very cold though!


If The Dulcettes were put into isolation by big Boris right now and were permitted only three singles to be able to listen to… firstly, would you be able to agree? Secondly, what would they be?

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen! We probably wouldn’t be able to agree because we individually have very different musical tastes to sit and relax to, aside from our performing repertoire.

Victoria would have to go with Lovely Day by Bill Withers, How Deep is Your Love by the Bee Gees, and Waiting On The World To Change (literally!) by John Mayer. Holly would probably go with, Days Like This by Van Morrison, It’s A Lovely Day Today by Ella Fitzgerald and Paradise by George Ezra.


If you could have anyone join the two of you in the band, dead or alive who would it be and why?

Michael Bublé… because he’s gorgeous. Oh, and talented too. We love singing a lot of his Christmas repertoire, it would be amazing to duet with him one day!


Why is it so important that the community support live music venues and get to gigs now in this restriction-lifted world?

Musicians, venues and the whole arts community really suffered and still are suffering with what’s going on right now. Supporting your local artists can be as small as sharing their page on Facebook, buying their merchandise or even booking them to play!


Finally, how long have you lived in this area and what makes it a pleasant place to call home?

Victoria has lived in Folkestone/Hawkinge since she was born, and equally Holly has lived in the Ashford area since she was born and moved to Hawkinge in recent years. We both love living beside the seaside, and having coastal walks. Equally, it’s amazing to have such direct links to London for our rehearsals and events!


Are there any dates in 2022 our readers should be making note of?

Definitely keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for all information regarding shows near you. We will be releasing new promotional material for our band The Dreamrollers, a 1950s rock and roll group, so keep those eyes peeled!


Keep yourselves up to date with The Dulcettes via their website or Facebook @TheDulcettes. Find out more about the duo’s newest venture at The Dreamrollers featuring The Dulcettes on Facebook.

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