The De Havilland Arms fundraiser in Fleet

An emotional fundraiser has been created by The De Havilland Arms in remembrance of John Taylor, who passed away suddenly in August at the young age of 59.


John, who was a popular local member of the community, had worked for the pub for almost 13 years, and was always happy to serve and care for the pubs guests and particularly the dogs that came in.

The fundraising page started by The De Havilland Arms states: “We hope to get the whole community of Fleet involved, as he worked in the area for about 30 years in a variety of venues.

“We hope to use the money to support the family or donate to a charity that John would approve of.

“Thanks for all your support, De Hav Team.”

The fundraiser has set a target of £1,000 and at the time of writing has managed to raise an incredible £930 through the support of the community far and wide.

A condolences book was also placed in the bar for people to leave a message in his memory.

It’s clear that John was a beloved member of the community, with donations and condolences coming in from Fleet residents and those that knew John.


We know how hard times like these can be, so if you can support, with any amount going a long way, please make your way over

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