The Addams Family torments Thanet’s Granville Theatre


As The Granville Theatre opens its doors on May 31st for the first time, in what feels like forever, Margate Operatic Society will spoil us with their production of The Addams Family – A New Musical Comedy.


To prepare ourselves before meeting the creepy and kooky family, CommunityAd had the pleasure of speaking to Director Stephen Porter and some of the cast who will bring your favourite characters to life; Gomez (Philip Halpin), Morticia (Laura Dryden), Wednesday (Coralie Hughes) and everyone’s favourite Uncle Fester (Drayson Goldfinch)…


What do you think has been the reason behind the Addams Family success of late?

SP – For a long time there has been a stereotypical acceptance of how young people should be and how society views family life but as everyone knows, The Addams Family are far from that conventional stereotype.

With the recent success of Wednesday, the Netflix series portrays and comforts us that not being, what society sees as ‘normal’, is more than ok. I think that’s part of why there’s been a recent revival of The Addams Family because they go against the grain of how people look at normal life.


What makes The Addams Family – A New Musical Comedy such a special production?

SP – With the success we had with Shrek – The Musical, you almost have a pressure to deliver a similar standard and having gone through several rehearsals, I can see and am very comfortable with the fact that we are going to meet that same standard.

There’s a real good family feel within the cast and everyone’s there to support and bring the best out of each other’s ability which is excellent to be a part of.

From my perspective as a director, we’ve got a really talented cast and the support and ensemble are equally very good which as a director you can’t really ask for more.


What can the audience expect from the show?

SP – The audience can expect a night full of humour and comedy and some really poignant moments throughout the show.

For a comedy musical, there’s actually some really good depth to the characters and their backstories.

People will come and have a good laugh and a good cry and they will leave feeling really satisfied with the portrayal of the characters.


What does it mean to you being the first show back at The Granville Theatre?

SP – For me personally, I couldn’t really ask for more.

The Granville was the first stage I ever graced so being back there treading the boards in the place where it all started for me as a performer feels like home.

I have also produced and directed a lot of shows that were performed at The Granville so it does hold a special place in my heart especially as I met my wife (Byra Porter – Choreographer) there in a production of A Slice of Saturday Night so being the first show back, with so many amazing memories, is incredible.


How important is it for the community to keep theatre in Thanet?

SP – It is imperative! There’s a lot to be said for being able to go and watch live theatre and get fully immersed in a story. To just allow people to escape from the harsh realities of life is a hugely underrated comfort.

I don’t think there’s any greater experience than watching live theatre.

Thanet’s absolutely full of real talent as well so keeping theatre here is vital for the amateur dramatic scene. Without having the opportunity to go and perform anywhere, our community within a community wouldn’t be possible so, once again, it’s absolutely imperative!

CommunityAd Exclusive - The Addams Family torments Thanet's Granville Theatre


What have you enjoyed most about playing Gomez, the patriarch of The Addams Family?

PH – I am having a blast playing Gomez! A gift of a part and the chance to sing incredible songs whilst at the same time keep my amazing Addams family clan under a watchful eye! Plus, I get to stretch my dancing muscles in a killer Act Two Tango number!


CommunityAd Exclusive - The Addams Family torments Thanet's Granville Theatre

How exciting a role has it been preparing for Morticia having been portrayed by so many wonderful actors?

LD – Morticia has been a dream role of mine and is so much fun to portray! She goes through a whirlwind of emotions, dark humour and sarcastic charm which I adore! The chemistry between Morticia and Gomez has certainly raised to the surface when love conquers all obstacles they face. I’ve loved working alongside so many talented cast members, this will certainly be one to remember and I can’t wait to get on that stage to portray my vision of Morticia at the beloved Granville Theatre.


CommunityAd Exclusive - The Addams Family torments Thanet's Granville Theatre

How much of the show Wednesday and Jenny Ortega’s portrayal motivated you in the build up to this show?

CH – Jenna Ortega’s interpretation of the dark and woeful Wednesday is truly stunning. I love how she is able to portray emotion through the briefest of glances. Jenna’s depiction of this character has certainly played a part in my overall inspiration of Wednesday. I can only hope to do it justice! Who knows, you may even see one of her signature dance moves in there somewhere!


How much have you enjoyed preparing for the role of Uncle Fester?

CommunityAd Exclusive - The Addams Family torments Thanet's Granville TheatreDG – Fester: Definition – To Rot. The character is the only one in the show to “break the fourth wall”. He bridges the gap between the family & the audience like a narrator which makes the role even more enjoyable to play. He is insane, yet lovable. During the rehearsal process I am just having fun… spiralling into something more deranged & kooky each time I step on stage. So many great comedic actors have portrayed Fester, my favourite being Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) but I hope you all enjoy my depiction of him.



The Addams Family arrives 31st May-3rd June for a LIMITED run at The Granville Theatre

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