10-year-old Rufus’ Tenterden litter pick

After a planned litter pick with the school was cancelled due to lockdown, 10-year-old Rufus took it upon himself to tackle the trash on our streets and raise money for the RSPCA at the same time.

We caught up with Rufus and his mother, Kelly Van Der Rest, to talk about the motivation behind the fundraiser and Rufus’ target of 20 – full to the brim – rubbish bags.


Why did you decide to raise money for the RSPCA in particular?

“Rufus says the reason he chose the RSPCA was because that was the charity he was going to raise money for alongside his Lorenden School friends.

“These plans were scuppered due to having to isolate because of confirmed COVID cases within his school bubble and then national lockdown again. Not to be discouraged, as Rufus was really looking forward to doing it, he decided to raise money by himself to support his friends and this particular charity.

“As an animal lover and avid watchers of many animal rescue programmes it was an easy decision.

“Rufus just came up with the 20 bags, he thought it sounded like a good number although he says it has been hard work, it’s for a worthy cause and everyone has been so very generous and supportive.”


You’ve raised over £200; you both must be immensely proud, what would you like to say to the people who have donated?

“It’s quite staggering the generosity of people and the trust put in you to complete the challenge! I think perhaps those that have donated realised before Rufus did that 20 bags was quite a commitment and many hours of litter picking.

“It’s hard to put into words how grateful we are and overwhelmed by the kindness of our donors. Rufus is already planning his next charity fundraising venture.”


Do you plan on doing any more fundraising in the future?

“Definitely, this is a big fat yes. Just before Christmas Rufus was assessed for dyslexia. It turns out he has officially got dyslexic super powers and therefore Made By Dyslexia is the charity he would like to support and raise funds for next.”


If you would like to donate and support Rufus’ Tenterden litter picks, you can find them on GoFundMe by searching ‘Rufus’s RSPCA…litter pick up challenge.’ To find out more about the RSPCA, visit their website.

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