Tenterden Counselling Service

Tenterden Counselling Service (TCS) is a registered charity established in 1983 providing professional counselling services to support the mental well-being of those who live in Tenterden and the surrounding area.


CommunityAd Exclusive - Tenterden Counselling ServiceCounselling provides an opportunity to explore problems or issues with someone trained to listen without fear of rejection or judgement.

A counsellor aims to help each person find their own strengths to cope with change and to find resolutions for difficulties. Counselling provides an acceptance of people whoever they are.

Counselling allows space to explore thoughts and feelings about oneself and about relationships with others.

One of our Trustees Dr Jonathan Dowling says “As a GP in Tenterden for over 30 years I always hugely valued the support of TCS in maintaining and improving the mental health and well-being of my patients and the wider community. The service remains a most important local resource.”

Dr Neil Pillai says “I am delighted to hear that Tenterden Counselling Service is due to celebrate its 40th anniversary. It is an organisation close to my heart in many ways. I was proud to serve as a Trustee and then Chair from 2014-2020 and one of the founders of TCS was Dr Raymond Crawford whom I replaced as a GP Partner at Ivy Court Surgery in 2003. His original vision has been upheld over the years – to offer open ended affordable counselling services to the local population. Through our minds we experience the world and so it is vital that charitable organisations like TCS flourish to support mental wellbeing especially through the challenging times we live in.

“Whereas most NHS funded counselling services are rationed to provide a limited number of sessions, TCS recognises that a one size fits all approach to something as complex as someone’s mental health just does not work. The flexible approach they offer is something to be valued and maintained and I hope they will be able to continue to serve our locality for another 40 years. I have certainly seen many of my patients who have benefitted from their skilled counsellors input.

“Keep up the good work TCS – it really is needed and appreciated.”


TCS is funded solely by grants and donations, if you would like to donate either a one-off or regular monthly payment please contact us on [email protected]

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