The Sustainability Store in Billericay

The Sustainability Store is the new zero-waste store in Billericay that is trying to make a real difference. Founded by mother and daughter, Paula and Alexandra were on a mission to shop packaging free and had previously visited the Leigh-on-Sea refill shop. However, they realised it was too far to travel, which was counterproductive to their sustainable mission. Alexandra decided to take the plunge and open the local shop!


So how does it work?

It’s as simple as bringing your own container (can be glass, plastic or a paper bag; they will have some in store). You then use their special scales to weigh the container before filling the container with their lovely produce. Weigh your produce, pay, go home and repeat the process all over again.


How important is it that we change our consumer habits and our use of single-use plastic?

It’s SO IMPORTANT! Unfortunately, some don’t believe that it’s their problem because it won’t affect them in their lifetime. We should be doing it for our children and grandchildren’s future. Money is a key aspect; the supermarkets won’t make packaging changes until they absolutely have to because it will cost them millions to do so, the only way to push for change is to shop elsewhere when possible. It’s also about shopping closer to home, using products that are produced in the UK/locally will boost our own economy and save on the emissions produced to import items.


What is the aim of The Sustainability Store and what impact do you hope it will have in the community?

Our aim of the shop is to make a difference, no matter how big or small. We are really keen to help educate people about why we should shop like this and just how important it is. Due to COVID we haven’t been able to do as much of this as we would have liked but when we can we’d love the opportunity to go into local schools to do talks and hold some educational workshops for adults.


What has the community’s response to your store been, have you had good feedback?

It’s been really good so far. At the moment this type of shopping hasn’t reached the masses which is a little disheartening at times but we are getting busier and busier each month showing that people are starting to become conscious about sustainability and want to know how they can do their bit.

We are really keen on helping support other local small businesses, as many products as possible in our store have been sourced locally and if not locally then UK based. If anyone locally is interested in having their products in our store then they can send us an email with a bit about themselves and we can see if it fits in with our ethos.


Please visit the website or Facebook page @TheSustainabilityStoreUK to find out more.

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