Summer of fun for Kings Hill SEN children

Local resident Charlene Kelly, who is a mother to a child with autism and a learning disability, wanted to create a summer of fun for Kings Hill kids with SEN and enlisted the help of the community to make it happen.


Charlene explained that knowing what activities to do with your SEN children can be quite challenging, especially in the holidays, and knew there were families like hers in a similar position, so wanted to create SEN sessions for families to attend this summer.

After posting her ideas on social media, and not receiving the response she had hoped for, Charlene Kelly created a GoFundMe page to raise money for SEN days.

Speaking to us about the response, and the incredible help of Kings Hill Parish Council, Charlene said “I met with Karen and Tony (from Kings Hill Parish Council) who listened to my plans and I honestly couldn’t believe my luck when they said they were absolutely willing to help.

“Knowing that there would be a large number of Kings Hill residents bringing their SEN children to sessions, was of course important to them too. They have given me an incredible amount of support throughout the whole process, financially and just in general. The whole team at KHPC have.”

Two weeks in and the GoFundMe was up to £1700, due to friends, family, and members of the public donating and Charlene was astounded by everyone’s support and was extremely thankful. Small local businesses from the area started donating raffle prizes to raise funds as well.

Charlene was able to put on a number of two hour sessions consisting of 2 bouncy castles, a fun dino assault course, soft play, inflatable bowling, face painting and even small didi cars.

The aim was to cap the sessions at 25 children, reducing the chances of children becoming overwhelmed. Charlene also had PECs boards and sand timers at the sessions, which are important for children who rely on visuals to communicate.

“My son is truly in his element at the sessions and I believe after the positive comments I’ve received, a lot of other SEN children are having a great time too. Many parents have left amazing feedback and often re book,” added Charlene.

“I will be sad to see the sessions come to an end, although I am definitely looking into how I can continue this without continuously fundraising.

“Thank you again to every person and every business who donated funds/gave discounts, donated prizes, shared my posts and an even bigger thank to you the parents who purchased entry tickets and trusted me enough to bring your SEN children to the sessions. Over £4,000 has been raised which is absolutely incredible. It wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s support in this and I can’t express my appreciation enough. Thank you.”

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