Struck/Down – Dover’s doom/groove metal band

Dover’s famed for its brilliantly white cliffs, its busy ferry ports and historical buildings, but it’s also home to a thriving and buzzing local music scene, including Struck/Down.


From the likes of Joss Stone, to the sounds of Mike and the Mechanics, Dover has been home to some true superstars, and has welcomed some of the world’s biggest acts over the years. The local scene is also awash with talented musicians and genre bending bands, and in this edition, we caught up with the doom/groove metal band known as Struck/Down who have recently rocked The Booking Hall and can’t wait to return to the iconic venue.


We were lucky enough to catch up with drummer for the band Tommy, who spoke to us about the band’s origins, the process of writing original music, advice for other musicians and more.


Like most bands, they have evolved over time, welcoming and saying goodbye to different names and members, but originally Struck/Down started with frontman Linden and lead guitarist Will who were a two-piece acoustic act known as ‘Wookie and the Wizard’. However, after the departure of the original drummer, they brought Tommy on board.


Later on, after wanting to fill out their sound they brought on board Ian for rhythm guitar, who had already been playing with Tommy in a thrash metal band called ‘Hunter/Killer’. This line up has been the core of the band for the last seven years.


For readers who might not have heard you before, what can they expect from a Struck/Down gig?

“We are a doom/groove metal band. We don’t stick rigidly to these subgenres however, as each member of the band has their very unique tastes. This can range from blues and classic rock, all the way up to modern metalcore.”


 Can you talk to us about the band’s process of writing original music?

“We are a full originals band and writing is a mixed process. Most of the time, a band member will come in with an idea be that a riff, a melody or a feeling. That will eventually become a full song, and it’s always a collaborative process. During the COVID lockdowns, we attempted to write on our own with mixed success. We always write better as a collective, especially as we are all so close.

“Although we all have our own stories, as a band we each grew with music at home. We each love music and how it speaks to us. Music can speak to us in a way other ways cannot. We all have a dream to be professional musicians, writing the music we want to write and playing to people who love music as much as us.

“There are few things better than playing music with some of your closest friends. Knowing how much time you have spent writing, refining and performing those songs and then to see people’s positive reaction to it and having that relationship, it’s amazing.”


Who are some of your greatest inspirations and if you could work with a band/artist dead or alive, who would it be?

“We take a lot of inspiration from the modern metal bands such as Malevolence (who we had the pleasure of meeting when we played Bloodstock 2021) Mastodon and some more extreme genres. That being said if Ozzy or Zakk Wylde wanted to collaborate one day, we’d definitely jump on board with them!”


What is the best advice you’ve been given and would pass on to other musicians?

“Networking with other bands and making the most of learning social media. It’s not exactly that rock and roll lifestyle we want, but it’s just as important as practicing your set and putting on an amazing show.”


Reflecting on their time playing the legendary Booking Hall, Struck/Down told us: “We have had the pleasure of playing the Booking Hall a couple of times. First, back in late 2019 with Ultimate Sin, and more recently we played there again with Sacrilege. We’ve always enjoyed our time there, and can’t wait to come back to such a killer venue.”


Upcoming gigs:

18th June – Guest slot at the Metal 2 The Masses Final – With Fury, Famyne and Stormborn (alongside all other competing bands) – Leos Red Lion, Gravesend


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by Callum Knowles

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