Striking up conversation with Hook FC’s Max Paisley

With Hook FC newly promoted and slowly climbing the league table, CommunityAd spoke with striker Max Paisley about the club’s season so far and the secrets to scoring goals.


What attracted you to the glory of Hampshire Premier League football and, most importantly, Hook FC?

Having lived in Hook all my life, bar university and a few lengthy holidays, it was simply not an option to wear another team’s badge on my chest. I bleed Hook FC blue.


Strikers are notoriously linked with having quirky superstitions in the hope it will bring them goals, do you have any match day superstitions to help you find the net?

If turning up to games 10 minutes late counts as a superstition then I’ll take it. Other than that, not really; however, the pre-match meal doesn’t change – 3 scrambled eggs on toast smothered in Nando’s Hot Sauce and a glass of OJ.


You have the best goals to games ratio this season for Hook FC, how has it been playing against defenders in a higher league this season compared to last?

This is my first ever season playing striker so I don’t have much basis for comparison. But, the physical battles are tough and the mental battles can get personal.


How difficult is it getting the balance right between work commitments and football?

Sometimes it can be tough, especially with the tight schedule that surrounds the festive season. Usually, however, we train in the evenings and play on the weekends.


What would you say have been the pros and cons so far for Hook FC this season?

We’ve had some good cup runs this season and are still in with the chance of lifting silverware this year. We had a slow start to the league but are now getting the results and the points we need to help us climb up the table.

Remaining in the lower half of the league has been disappointing however, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves as we are a newly promoted side.


What are your individual goals for remainder of the season and overall as a club that you are all working towards?

Avoiding relegation is top of the priority list. However, I don’t see why we couldn’t finish in the top half of the table. For me personally, I like to take each game as it comes and help my team as much as possible. At the end of the day, all that matters is those 3 points.


Outside of football, what do you enjoy most about living in Hook?

Going to the Hook Tandoori on a Saturday night. I have not been paid to say that but if they would like to sponsor us, it would be a huge honour.


Keep up to date with Hook FC and striker Max Paisley via the team’s Instagram @hook.fc.

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