Stoned: Canterbury’s Rolling Stones cover band

Legacy is everything in the music game, and the music of the Rolling Stones will live on forever; not only through its timeless sound, but through the love of fans and cover bands.


Formed through the sheer love and respect for the generational talents that make up the legendary rock band, Stoned is a local cover band that was formed in 2012 by lead singer Steven Wood. Founder Steve is joined by Simon McIntyre as the band’s drummer, Ian Fletcher as lead guitarist, Fred Russell on guitar as well, and newest member Ashley Mardell as the group’s bassist.


The band, who will be appearing at the Penny Theatre in Canterbury on Friday 2nd June, came together after Steven advertised for like-minded musician to form a Rolling Stones cover band that would authentically recreate the sound of the band.


Explaining more, Steven said: “I wanted to form a Rolling Stones cover band out of love for the band and their ageless material, plus I have a vocal style that suits the music. We have never been interested in dressing up like the Stones in true tribute style, but every attention is made to get the songs right musically, down to using the authentic open tunings Keith Richards is particularly known for, so we see ourselves as authentic sound-a-likes.

“Music is and always has been a huge part of my life,” added Steven, “From discovering new bands from my older brother as a growing kid, and eventually my dad’s classic rock LP’s. Being a 90s child, I was mainly influenced by bands like Nirvana and Aerosmith early on, but eventually found the Stones when a college lecturer I had at the time lent me his Rolling Stones Best Of compilation album “Jump Back” to listen to.

“I was instantly drawn into the raw energy and feel of songs like Bitch, Jumpin’ Jack Flash & Brown Sugar. The old school sound of the Stones is so distinctive, there is no other band like them.”


Stoned have performed at hundreds of shows around the country, including some unforgettable moments such as playing at Iwade Rocks Festival in 2016, and a road trip to play a party at Haigh Hall in Wigan.

“We’ve played some amazing venues such as The Booking Hall in Dover, and the Carlisle in Hastings, both of which are venues I would highly recommend everyone check out if they haven’t already – grassroots venues such as these need your support.”


Speaking more locally on their performances in Canterbury, Steven added: “It’s an amazing area and a great town for live music. I love the positive energy the place has, people expressing themselves and looking to share a good time with good music. It’s a unique place and one of the best areas in the South East for live music.”


You can catch Stoned performing at the Penny Theatre on 2nd June with free entry so pop the date in your diary and experience the talented cover band for yourself. Find out more by visiting their website.

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