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One on one with Sittingbourne boxer Tyrone King

CommunityAd catch up with Sittingbourne boxer Tyrone King who is training hard in camp in anticipation for his professional debut.


On 6th November at Mote Park Leisure Centre, Maidstone, 21-year-old middleweight boxer Tyrone King will start his journey in the professional ranks.

Trained by the legendary Billy Rumbol, Tyrone is part of an exciting and hungry stable of fighters including Bradley Haxell, Neil Parry, Martin McDonagh and James Hawley that help push and bring out the best in each other.

In this interview, Tyrone tells us about his earliest memories of the sport, role models and future goals he has in boxing…


What are your earliest memories of boxing and when did you realise this was a career you wanted to pursue?

My earliest memories of boxing are walking in the gym thinking I could fight then getting punched on the nose numerous times and thinking ‘maybe I can’t’.

I realised it was a career I wanted to pursue when it started giving me discipline and I couldn’t think of anything else other than boxing. I actually stopped playing football to focus on boxing!


Who are your role models in the sport?

My role models in the sport would have to be Tyson Fury because he has shown me as well as everyone else that anything is possible when you believe and never to give up. Tough times don’t last, tough people do!


To readers who may not have seen you box, how would you describe your style?

My boxing style I would say is tall and long, sharp shooter, a good jab and move style nice counter punching to but I can mix it up when I have to.


What would you say has been your most memorable moment so far in your boxing career?

I would have to say when I knocked someone out in 60 seconds in my hometown of Sittingbourne in front of all my friends and family.


You will be campaigning at middleweight, in your opinion who would you say is the best 160Ib fighter in the UK and in the world?

In the UK, I would say Billy Joe Saunders and in the world Canelo Alvarez.


Has it been difficult over the past 18 months trying to motivate yourself to keep training during the pandemic?

At times yes, but I know I can’t just train when I have fights lined up, if you want to achieve things in life you have to be consistent and dedicated at all times. I’m currently in camp working my hardest for my upcoming professional debut.


Do you have a 5-10-year goal of what you want to achieve in the sport?

I would love to achieve an English or maybe even a British title and give people good entertaining nights to look forward to.


Away from boxing, what are your hobbies and interests?

Seeing friends and family, and eating.


CommunityAd wish Tyrone King luck with his professional boxing debut; readers, be sure to catch him on 6th November at Mote Park Leisure Centre, Maidstone!

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