Tenterden Snaps with Simon Finch Photography

Simon (of Simon Finch Photography) and his wife, like a few in our community of Tenterden, moved here in the pandemic, fleeing the city life they had in Canterbury “to this beautiful and peaceful place”.


Since then, Simon’s name has been subject to much online fanfare and praise as he’s wasted no time getting out and documenting his new location with some stunning shots.


Despite a relatively recent move to Tenterden, Simon feels right at home noting how “everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Complete strangers wishing you a good morning as you walk down the road. The local community where I live, everyone looks out for one another which is really nice” and can’t help but give a special mention to his neighbours who he tells us are very kind and in the lockdown days “even left us some homemade cakes/desserts over the seasonal holidays”.


The community has well and truly won Simon and his wife over but so too has the natural beauty of the place:

“I’m very much in love with this area, it’s incredibly beautiful. I find myself going for long walks in the surrounding areas with my camera capturing the natural beauty of the countryside. It’s very inspiring and good for the mind I feel. A great tonic for de-stressing after a hard-working week. Although the stop/start walks while I take images drives my wife up the wall.

“The charm of Tenterden for me is the steam train, the independent shops, the great local restaurants and pubs, the vineyards, the odd Spitfire flying overhead and the Old Dairy Brewery, my favourite haunt; I’m truly at home here”.


Looking at the sublime shots that decorate this page you may be surprised to learn that photography is not a professional pursuit of Simon, merely a creative hobby, a passion that stems from his college days. “I can remember picking up a camera for a street photography project shot in black and white film. It was back in the days before smart phones and digital cameras were mainstream. The captured images were processed in the dark room. I remember there was a raw kind of magic as to whether you had captured a good image as the pictures slowly emerged on the photographic paper”.


Simon’s parting advice to any budding new photographers is to “move yourself to find the shot. Work on your composition with your feet, I find prime lenses are a great tool to help you on this as you have to move around more to fill the frame. By doing this you will push yourself to find creative solutions to certain focal lengths and create more interesting images”.


For more from Simon Finch Photography including commissions and prints find him on Instagram @simonfinch_photography and @finchydavinci. Do you have any stunning snaps of Tenterden and the local area? Get in touch with us, we’d love to see them and they could even make it to our front cover!

by Dave McKenna

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