Scenes of Canterbury with Shaun William Kennedy

Canterbury is a city steeped in tradition and overflowing with beauty, so it’s no surprise it attracts a plethora of artists and inspires some outstanding artwork. One artist who has been producing some stunning depictions of the local area is Shaun William Kennedy, a 58-year-old artist from Folkestone.


Shaun, who lives with his partner Helen, paints in many different mediums but says his biggest passion is watercolour.

“My style is impressionist and I use light and dark in my paintings to give depth. I always start with the sky and background first, and detail is always the final part of the painting.

“I have always liked art from childhood but started painting seriously about 25 years ago. Probably about eight years ago I realised it was more than a hobby. A school friend of mine, who was a very talented artist in Scotland until she was diagnosed with MS, pushed me to be more professional about my art work and is still a great support today.

“David Bellamy was always my big inspiration as a watercolour artist, and the late Phyllis McDowell who was president of Folkestone Art Comparative back in the day.”

For anyone just venturing into the world of art, in any aspect, what advice would you give to beginners?

“For anyone starting out in art, enjoy the process, don’t be frightened to experiment and make mistake and don’t be hard on yourself; practice and enjoyment will bring results that you won’t believe, and join an art society where you can meet and practice with likeminded people.”


You can see some of Shaun William Kennedy’s incredible work above and you can always find him on, as well as Facebook and exhibiting locally in East Kent.

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