Sandwich’s Majestic 12 – an out of this world experience

“Are they even from this universe?” A common question asked after experiencing a Majestic 12 gig, but CommunityAd can confirm they come in peace; or at least that’s what they would have you believe.


We caught up with the Kent-based band to find out a little bit more about their human forms and how long they’ve been touring as Majestic 12.


Made up of close friends Matt on vocals, guitar and slide whistle, Colin on vocals and guitar, Stevie Palms on cajon and vocals, and occasional bass player and vocalist Johnny Dimples, the group have been playing together in bands for most of their lives, with Matt and John playing together since teens. Steve, Colin and Matt were also in a heavy metal band called Defiant, but today they front the smooth sounds of Majestic 12.


Originally created as the antithesis of their theatrical hard rock band Captain Mildred, which features blood, fire, and magic, Majestic 12 was meant to be quite downbeat with lots of vocal harmonies and laidback acoustics.


However, you can take the alien out of the rock, but you can’t take the rock out of the alien – the acoustics remain but Majestic 12 adopted big singalongs, mad mashups and a strong party vibe, and in the words of Matt “We’re too silly to be downbeat.”


The group play quirky pop and classic rock covers with loads of vocal harmonies, from The Eagles, ELO, ABBA and Queen to AC/DC, Kiss, Prodigy and OutKast.


Speaking to us about some of his earlier memories and inspirations, vocalist and guitarist Matt told us: “I liked stuff like Madness and Adam and the Ants at school, then someone lent me Highway to Hell by AC/DC. That changed everything.


“The theatrical side of rock n’ roll appealed too – pictures of stage shows by the likes of Kiss and Alice Cooper really caught my imagination as a kid. It’s mad that both are still going now.”


How about the name Majestic 12, where does that come from?

“Majestic 12 was the name of a secret American government department investigating UFOs and aliens in the 50s/60s,” explained Matt, “I just thought it sounded nice, and gave us an excuse to put aliens on the posters, rather than our ugly mugs.”


We are sure Majestic 12 endeavour to take over our planet, but it’s not in the scary way you imagine, but rather with their quirky pop and classic rock covers and their message of ‘Friendship’ which is the essence of the band.


For those local residents who are itching for their first encounter with the third kind, Majestic 12 played at the Fleur de Lis earlier this year and will be back on Saturday 18th June and Friday 18th November.


Speaking on their time in Sandwich, Majestic 12 had nothing but positive things to say “It was as brilliant as we thought it would be. Lovely pub, great crowd and an awesome landlord who’s clearly passionate about live music. Sandwich rocks — John moved there last year.”


Just before you return home, what would be your 3 Desert Island Discs?

555 – Ginger Wildheart (it’s a treble album, is that cheating?); Powerage – AC/DC; Sing to God (Parts One and Two – am I cheating again?) – Cardiacs.


To keep up to date with Majestic 12 and their intergalactic travels, make your way over to their website.

by Callum Knowles

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