Sandwich Volunteer Network

The charms and benefits of living here are endless, the aesthetic beauty of the place is much known and famed across the land but just as fabulous, wonderful and even beautiful are the people that fill the town, including the Sandwich Volunteers.


We’re so blessed to have a community that’s full of friendly folk who want to help, proving that point in more ways than one is Councillor Daniel Friend, who is the driving force behind the new Facebook group titled Sandwich Volunteers which is an interactive hub for those kind-hearted, time-blessed individuals who wish to help out where they can.


Councillor Friend tells CommunityAd that the group “came out of a desire to increase volunteering around the town, especially with the various projects/events that are put on over Summer. We have been distributing about 2,000 leaflets to residents as well as a call to action (those listed are the ones who replied to me before the deadline). Many organisations have tried to ramp up their work after the COVID pandemic, but to really get Sandwich back on its feet they need more volunteers. I’ve been made aware by friends and family on several occasions they are keen to help but simply lack the contact information.”


Now all can be found on the Facebook group ‘Sandwich Volunteers‘ which had over 150 members a mere week into its existence. For those not on Facebook (congratulations) another place to find out about all the opportunities available to a volunteer is on the Sandwich is Open website.

by Dave McKenna

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