Samantha Milns Pet Psychic and Healer in Tunbridge Wells

When we’re feeling blue there are only a couple of ways we as a species try and deal with it, we either bottle it up, which no one suggests to do, or we can talk to someone and try and work our way through the problem; but what can you do for a pet who has gone through past trauma, for example?


Well, you might employ the services of animal communicator Samantha Milns Pet Psychic and Healer, who claims to be able to communicate with and heal our beloved pets and ultimately improve their quality of life.


We sat down with Samantha to find out a little bit more about her line of work and some of the clients she worked with before, including a foster dog who carried his trauma from previous owners and whose behaviour was becoming a problem for the family.


“I’ve always had a strong connection to animals,” explains Samantha. “In fact, I couldn’t really relate to people all that well until I was in my mid 30’s. I suffered with depression in my 20’s and the normal route of doctors, counselling and medication just didn’t work for me. So, I stepped onto the spiritual development ladder and this is where I found out about animal communication.

“Animal communicators differ in their techniques but basically, they are someone who can have a chat with animals via telepathy or through thoughts and feelings in their body. My personal aim is to represent the animal (my client), explain things from their point of view, their wants/needs and helping them to release any trauma, which is affecting their quality of life.

“A dog owner got in touch after fostering a dog who had had a horrific past, 2 years into the foster the neighbour’s dog attacked the dog, which made her extremely defensive with the other dogs in the family. She even became reactive around her human family and the vet suggested she was PTS for everyone’s safety.

“I chatted with the dog and helped them to understand what was causing the dog’s issues and helped the dog to release some of her trauma. The change was immediate – it gave her “owner” an understanding of what was driving her actions. The “owner’s” fear of her own dog was gone, her beautiful dog was back to her old self and they started playing and cuddling and doing all the fun things they used to do.”


Samantha explained that animal communicators can work with any kind of species – from insects, to fish, birds and larger animals. Distance also isn’t a problem, with Samantha communicating with animals all over the world from her home in Tunbridge Wells, and even recently appearing on Talk TV with the one and only Rob Rinder.


To find out and how Samantha might be able to improve your pet’s quality of life make your way over to Samantha Milns Pet Psychic and Healer on Facebook today.

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