A Rye Good Time Town App

CommunityAd had the pleasure of a quick chat with the local legend Arabella as she revealed some terrifically exciting news. A RYE GOOD TIME Town App in a nutshell or should I say phone-case is Rye, East Sussex in the palm of your hand.


The new free Town App offers an up-to-the-minute guide of Rye and users can access information from a single source. It has been developed to promote Rye for the benefit of visitors, residents and the Rye community, connecting business owners and consumers in a way that is simple for everyone. You can search for the nearest café or bar, check the weather, discover specialist shops, find gluten-free or dog friendly restaurants and much, much more. Oh yes, you can also click straight to CommunityAd from the NEWS section on the app!

1066 Country and Rother District Council have supported the new ARGT Town App and we are all really hoping it will be an asset to the town.


You must be proud of it? It’s very well designed and easy to use.

It’s been a labour of love since the beginning of the year and the feedback from users has been so very positive. I wanted this new Town App to be about having A RYE GOOD TIME, which is why it is geared up to the hospitality, leisure and retail sector. I am blessed to have such creative friends in Rye who have contributed to the launch of the Town App. I knew that there could only be one person for the job to design the icons and the illustration of Rye – artist, illustrator and writer, Oliver Brooks.

Mark Baker, Graphic Designer created the ad campaign you see above, David Angell has been the digital brains behind the website and the upcoming ARGT full yearly events calendar and Patricia Driver’s marketing advice has been invaluable. Special thanks must also go to Steve Spall, Jackie Brooks, Neale East and my lovely Mum for being my market research group and for supporting the app from the outset. It really has been a close-knit local endeavour.


Anything we should be looking out for between September and November?

As always, I like to have A RYE GOOD TIME so I’m currently organising a launch party for invited guests at The Mermaid Inn at the beginning of September*. A ‘Music From The Movies Halloween Night’ with vibes from The Violet Jive is an event that is also in discussion and I’m really excited to announce that I have had the go-ahead for another A Rye Good Window Wanderland for Saturday 11th and Sunday 12 December from 6pm – 9pm with late night shopping on Saturday 11th December.

Hopefully some things for everyone to have A RYE GOOD TIME.


*See the A Rye Good Time Facebook page for photos from the event!


Visit the A Rye Good Time Facebook page for more info, or scan the QR code in the image at the top of this page to download the app and hold the best of Rye in the palm of your hand!

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