Ryan King Photographer in Deal

Our local town is the real ‘Deal’ for photographers and provides some truly scenic backdrops to capture. One resident Ryan King, who lives just down the road in Dover, frequently visits Deal and relishes in the photographic opportunities that our coastal town provides him, even being featured on BBC South East as #photooftheday.


Ryan King, 35, mainly captures sunrise long exposure photography, but also covers street photography and Astro photography over some of the more famous boats that lay on the beach such as ‘Lady Irene’.


Speaking to us at CommunityAd, King delved into where his passion for photography began and how it’s developed, explaining: “I’ve always liked photography ever since the introduction of camera phones, I had a camera bought for me from my partner that at the time didn’t really get much use and spent more time in the cupboard.

“It’s only been recently that I decided to give it another go and invested in a brand new camera and a couple of different lenses for different occasions that the passion really took off for me. I’ve been using the camera on a daily basis now for around eight months and really do enjoy taking wildlife photography and seascape photography.

“I discovered photography again when I re-joined Facebook after about 7 years away from the social platform and joined a Facebook group called Life Through A Lens (photography support group) which was just a couple of people that had set it up to help people out who use phone and cameras. I met a couple of the guys from it and it just took off, that was it I was hooked. It started off as night photography and then built up to much more from wildlife to seascapes/landscapes/portraits etc.

“If I’m honest what I do prefer is wildlife and there are a couple of local woodlands that I go to, the nearest being Gazen Salts and also Stodmarsh Nature Reserve. Having the passion for wildlife it provides me with the perfect backdrops and the perfect wildlife to make for some great images.”


People can follow Ryan’s newly started photography page on Instagram @RKPhotography_Kent and anyone who would like to discuss his work can get in touch through Facebook (Ryan King) and Instagram.

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