Romney Marsh’s Sister Duo 2 of Harps

The Fifth Continent is home to many a wonder and has never been short of creative genius; Adel and Karina collectively are definitely that. Romney Marsh’s sister duo 2 of Harps are the world’s only harp and vocal duo – two harps and two voices. Internationally acclaimed harpists, they have rightly been described as bewitching and magical, they’ve been featured on Channel 4 and this year were the winners of a Kent Wedding Award 2020. 

We should be in the midst of an extreme wedding season with 2 of Harps performing several different venues a week but instead, like the rest of us, the talented two are stuck indoors mainly, giving fans the occasional virtual gig on social media. CommunityAd had the absolute privilege to chat with the duo during lockdown.


So firstly, for those readers whom are unaware, who are the 2 of Harps and how would you describe the band’s musical style (harpy, obviously)?

Were both sisters 23 and 19, and although sometimes mistaken for twins, there is actually three and a half years between us!  

We would describe our sound as alternative, and not really one specific genre or style. We are classically trained, so we take all those influences and create music thats new and exciting. This year we released our new single Our Past 

How long ago and why did you form? 

We spent some of our childhood in Scotland where we first came across the harp and began learning how to play. Several years later, we decided to try rearranging some music for two harps and began performing as a duo. It seems incredible that its already been about 13 years since then! 

Any particular favourite gig that stands out in the memory?

Weve been fortunate as musicians to perform at some incredible venues, but there are a couple that really stand out as highlights… The day we performed on the London Eye for the Duke of Gloucester Award presentation and when UK Youth asked us to perform at the Mall Galleries.  

What would be the band’s dream gig? Probably any with a live audience at this current moment?

We have been writing a lot of new original material and using this time where wed normally be performing at events to rehearse and record some new demos. Once live music is back (fingers crossed soon), were aiming to perform at some local and national festivals. But until then, its Facebook and Instagram Live.  

Have you learnt anything as musicians during this time of corona-forced reflection? 

Like many other jobs, full time musicians have been hit hard with COVID-19. Were really fortunate to have supportive parents, without whom we dont know what we would have done. We think family and close friends are really important at such a confusing and uncertain time.  

If you didn’t play the harp what instrument would you both play and why? 

We have both asked each other this question before and its often resulted in one of us beginning to learn a new instrument. Karina is a professional pianist, which makes our duo even more versatile (harps, piano voices…). But our house is never quiet, with flute and violin music, which we learnt for fun, and our latest instruments being electric and bass guitar. Thankfully we have a music room, because although our supportive parents may say otherwise, heavy metal is not their favourite music! 

If 2 of Harps could become 3 of Harps, or 2 of Harps plus someone…  dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Maybe not the most obvious choice, but Freddie Mercury is at the top of the list. His musicianship and creativity cannot be matched. We love how he broke down barriers between genres, mixing classical/opera with rock. And although many people donrealise it, rock actually sounds AMAZINon the harp.  

Are there any plans taking shape to perform for our readers this year?

Before the formal lockdown began, we would hold mini music sessions on our balcony. Then we moved to our music room to stream on Facebook as lockdown happened. For all those people who came to watch us (socially distancing of course), we promised to perform live music at a beach party. At the moment there are no formal plans because everything is so uncertain, but watch this space. 

Finally, what makes the Romney Marsh such a pleasant place to call home?

The Romney Marsh has unique beauty. Our favourite area has to be Dungeness, especially in the winter when it can seem quite bleak and desolate. Perfect inspiration for any artist. But for us, its all about the community that cements everyone together. Weve been so lucky to have met some really kind people who have been supportive in our journey as musicians and for us its really important to have that kind of a connection with a place.  


Find the two sisters on Facebook @2ofharps and Twitter @2ofHarps.

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