Romney Marsh Historical Pictures

All photos sourced from the public Romney Marsh historical pictures Facebook group.

We all know that Romney Marsh has a rich history, steeped in famous smugglers and ‘lost villages’, but today we take a nostalgic look back at more recent times with the help of the Romney Marsh historical pictures Facebook group.


The group was set up by local resident Elizabeth Instance, who moved to Greatstone at 14-years-old to live with her grandparents, to help share some of the area’s stunning history with residents.

We had a brief chat with Elizabeth about the group which has over 4,100 members all basking in the glory that is Romney Marsh’s and surrounding areas’ history.

“I’ve lived in the same house for 23 years; I now have my husband and 2 beautiful children and am very grateful that they have grown up in such a beautiful location, with the beach at one end of our road and woods and countryside at the other end.

“I have always been fascinated with looking at pictures of how places looked and compare them to now. Not just of where I live, but places I’ve visited too, I love the history of buildings and the stories behind them. I decided to set up the group to allow people to share their photos and memories of the marsh.”


What do you think attracts so many people to this history-focused page? Is it the nostalgic feeling?

“I can’t speak for everyone but I would like to think that all the members have joined the group for the same reason, their love of their home, the history of the marsh and its all over beauty.

“Romney Marsh is a special place for its unique beauty, beautiful beaches, open countryside, steeped in history. The people on the marsh are kind and look out for each other. I have visited lots of places in England and no matter how lovely they are, the Romney Marsh will always be my favourite.”


Take a look at some of the wonderful photos available on the Romney Marsh historical pictures group, all accessible to anyone who has Facebook, so why not join today?

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