Rock Paper Scissors Whitstable

Here at CommunityAd we pride ourselves on highlighting local talent and we’re always on the lookout and when we stumbled across the charming and wholesome artwork you see on this page, we thought we better to speak to the creative soul behind the creations.


We’re delighted to announce that Lisa from Rock Paper Scissors Whitstable is as lovely as her art.


So, Lisa how long have you called wonderful Whitstable home?

So yes, I’ve lived in Whitstable for about 35 years. Where I moved from Chislehurst was a very quiet place where you rarely saw or spoke to anyone. I was 14 years old when we moved so to me Whitstable was a hive of activity, the people were so kind and were interested in what you had to say. I work locally and every day I see how lucky we are to have our community spirit and general support from such wonderful people. Whitstable beach is my sanctuary and I find more often than not I’m having a chat with a dog walker or a family.


Tell us about these charming little creations of yours?

My little hobby started during the first lockdown. I had never suffered with anxiety but I certainly do now. My husband Lee and I would spend hours at the beach looking for the beautiful sea glass which certainly has a very calming effect and fills my creative mind. I also use stones which I find in the garden or purchase as I know you shouldn’t take these from our beaches. Using the sea glass and stones I created a few pictures and keepsakes which I gave to family and friends.

They kindly told me that I should maybe think about selling them as they loved them which I was a bit apprehensive about. I am so pleased that I listened and have now made my own Facebook page. I have had the pleasure of creating artwork for many customers who have entrusted me to make unique pieces for their special occasions and gifts. I have recently started doing local craft fairs at Whitstable Castle and Tankerton where I can meet people face to face which I absolutely love.

I am still amazed and overwhelmed that my creations are making people happy.


It’s delightful to see our pebbled shores and our misty seas inspiring yet more creative endeavour within the town. To see more of Lisa’s artwork head to Rock Paper Scissors on Facebook.

by Dave McKenna

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