Rochester’s Ronnie Warwick TikTok Sensation

With 329,000 followers and more than 10.9 million likes across his social media channels, it’s fair to say Rochester’s Ronnie Warwick is a massively popular presence online.


Mainly active on TikTok, CommunityAd were able to get in touch with Rochester’s Ronnie Warwick and discuss how he became a social media influencer, the pros and cons of his career and the teenager’s future plans…


When did you realise you were making a huge impact on TikTok and that you were becoming a social media influencer?

My views just started going wild after a few videos, and it was a huge shock. I think I came to realise my position when I was being invited to events with music artists and being asked to promote their music, which I found crazy. I’d always heard of YouTube being a full-time job for some, but I had no idea the same could happen with TikTok.

I truly noticed the impact I was making when I started to receive a load of supportive messages from my followers, and people were telling me how much they loved my content. I was being told that that I was making them smile on some of their worst days, and that meant the world to me.


Can you inform readers of the type of videos you upload on TikTok?

I’d say I post mainly comedy content; however, it’s definitely changed over time. A lot of my videos used to be quite original ‘British’ relatable content, but now it’s definitely a mix of trends and original content. Essentially, if I think it will make people laugh then I post it!


What do you personally think it is about your videos that generates so many likes?

Friends say I’m a funny guy and I’ve seen from positive feedback my videos seem to put a smile on people’s faces. I think it’s the comedic value I add to every video I make which helps each video boost in views and likes as it seems people like to share my videos with their friends and share the spread the laughter around, which I think also makes my videos do well.


How has the last year been for you through the global pandemic and do you think the lockdowns have helped social media influencers get more views and followers?

The pandemic, and the lockdowns that came with them, have definitely changed the game for content creators around the world. Personally, I felt extremely motivated to create content during the first lockdown, though that soon changed. A lot of people jumped on TikTok during the pandemic, and it seemed as though my content wasn’t being seen as much. However, this has helped pave the way for new creators to get onboard the platform and grow TikTok as a whole.


What advice would you give to someone looking to get on social media and upload videos but is being held back by confidence issues and anxiety?

When getting into social media, you need to be aware that not everybody will have a positive opinion of you or your content. I think the best thing I could say is “do more of what makes you happy” and if you think posting videos online will boost your happiness then go for it! Just prepare yourself for what could be possible negative feedback and learn how to overcome it. Remember, there’s a lot more nicer people in the world than there are nasty.


What do you enjoy most about being a social media influencer and what can be some of the negatives?

Social media has bought me a hell of a lot of positives in my life. For example, through social media I have met some people that have become my best friends and I’ve been offered so many incredible opportunities that I never thought could be possible. However, of course I have had my fair share of online hate in the past which has helped me to grow a thick skin and focus on the positives.


Have you set any aims long term through social media that you are looking to conquer?

I’m hoping to pick myself back up and get back the level of motivation that I used to have – so I can get back to posting more regularly and putting a smile on people’s faces. I would also like to develop my business, that I started with two friends from social media, that gives fellow content creators a platform to earn more for their work.


What do you enjoy most about living in Rochester?

Pre-COVID I would have said the high-street and how busy it was. Along with the many festivals that we host. But now, I would say it’s the community feel and the way that Medway residents and businesses have come together to support each other in these tough times.


Make sure to follow Rochester’s Ronnie Warwick on TikTok and Instagram @itsronniew.

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