Rob Francis on Andover Radio

Rob Francis will be a familiar face to some readers, to others he’ll be a familiar voice as Rob is often heard through loud speakers and car radios as he hosts his own show on Andover Radio.


CommunityAd jumped at the chance to chat with the local lad!


So, Rob, how long have you been presenting at Andover Radio?

I’ve been presenting since May 2022. After hosting a dog show at the Red Lion in Overton, I was approached by David Harber who asked me if I’d like to give radio presenting a try, and I instantly said yes! My main job is as a presenter at Buzz Bingo in Basingstoke, where I’ve been working since September 2019. I’ve had various other jobs in my lifetime, including website designer, barman and builder, and have hosted many quiz nights and discos in the past, so radio presenting was a logical step!


What do you enjoy the most about the show?

Even though I get to talk to the world on my show, the most important thing about it is the music. My music taste is varied, there’s always a good mix of 80s and 90s tracks on my playlist, with a few current songs thrown in for good measure!


Tell the readers what they’ve been missing if they have yet to tune in?

I guarantee a great selection of music on my show, and the first song of each hour is what I like to call my “toetapper” – a song that will get you dancing along! You’ll also hear about things that are happening in my crazy life and the local community.


Proudest moment broadcasting?

When I found out I had someone listening from the United Arab Emirates, that was quite special. It’s great to know that people are listening in other countries!


Most embarrassing or regrettable moment broadcasting?

I haven’t had one yet! It’s very early days in my radio career. I did promote a song coming up that had been played in the previous block of music though, that’s the worst thing that’s happened so far.


What makes Andover Radio a fine station to be a part of?

The fact that it’s local people hosting the programmes. There are some fantastic presenters at the station, and some great programmes. Chris Burford’s Party Anthems show on a Saturday evening is one of my favourites, he always has a good selection of floorfillers!


How long have you lived here in this sublime part of the world?

I grew up in Freefolk and moved to Overton in 2004 where I still live today, so I’ve known Andover all my life. I have family living here, I worked on the West Portway Industrial Estate for 18 months as a website designer.


Why is it important that a community such as Andover has its own radio station?

A lot of the local radio stations that have broadcast to the area have been swallowed up by the big corporations, so it’s great that stations like Andover Radio exist to showcase all that’s good about the town. It’s an amazing place to work and visit, and I hope that the station stays on air for a very long time.


If you were forced into isolation by Boris… or better still and more appropriately if you were invited to one of Boris’ parties and could only play three singles, what would they be and why?

Oh, that’s a toughie. I’d have to go with Savage Garden “Affirmation”, that’s a very important song to me, as it was the first song I played on the radio, and it’s a song that meant a lot to me growing up. “I Hope You’re Happy” by Blue October is another brilliant track, it’s so upbeat and always puts a smile on my face, and I’d have to say “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis, a real anthem that everyone sings along to!


You can catch Rob’s show on Saturdays between 4pm-6pm. Stay tuned in by visiting his website or the Andover Radio website.

by Dave McKenna

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