The power of Heart Smart Arts in Rye

During the turbulent and notorious year of 2020, the lockdowns led many of us to new hobbies, more often than not these hobbies involved engaging creativity.


Sure there was the banana bread baking, the puzzles, the endless hours of Netflix and Joe Exotic’s antics to fill the hours of confinement but some required something more. Something to stimulate the mind, something to allow creative expression, arts and crafts were back in fashion as paints and materials were suddenly as in demand as toilet roll.


It’s great to see that some people have kept up their new found hobbies and two years later are still enjoying the benefits that delving into the creative cogs of one’s brain gifts you. One local woman who is well aware of the joys and blatant benefits of the arts is Harriet.


For those readers unaware Harriet is the friendly face behind Heart Smart Arts who firmly “believe Creativity is a visionary way to support our mental health as individuals, as families and the wider community”. In a time when more people than ever are struggling with their mental health Heart Smart Arts have a vision “to provide lots of different creative support to children, families and the local community and we are passionate about being proactive with that support. There is no need to reach crisis point. Let us help you before that. We believe in building trust, fostering excellent communication and supporting the whole family through creativity whether that’s with us or another service we can connect you with”.


Support, Educate and Inspire are the three pillars on which the organisation is built upon and after a quick scan of the service’s Facebook page you can soon tell it’s doing exactly that. At present Harriet is looking for local organisations, businesses and individuals who would like to sponsor Art Therapy and Art workshops for local children and families who are on a low income.


It’s great to see the creative vibe of Rye spreading into services that will help the younger members of our community, with the help of generous and talented artistic individuals such as Harriet. If you would like to discover the full range of services that Heart Smart Arts offer or if desire any more info then head to their Facebook page or their website.

by Dave McKenna

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