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Pete has lived in Herne Bay for 20 years and if you’re on Facebook then you’ve almost certainly let out an involuntary ‘ohhh’ in response to Pete’s photography.


CommunityAd are guilty of that. We wanted to get to know the guy behind the stunning shots that have been ‘liked’ ‘loved’ and shared thousands of times!


What inspired you to first pick up a camera?

I first got into photography by being slightly obsessed with not wanting to miss a single day of my children growing up. I took the camera on family outings which soon led to me capturing my surroundings, especially landscapes, sunsets and sunrises. I then moved on to using a DSLR camera to enable me to capture better quality images. Since moving to Herne Bay, it was always a dream to capture the sun setting above the Pier Head, when I managed it and shared my shots on social media the response was amazing. It was that response and people wanting to purchase my work that encouraged me to set up Pete’s Photography.


We’re blessed with natural beauty here in Herne Bay aren’t we, it’s a photographer’s dream, isn’t it?

Herne Bay does have a natural beauty to it and people often comment how lucky we are to have such amazing sunsets and sunrises. I love the natural beauty in landscape photography and Herne Bay certainly doesn’t disappoint. Being able to capture Herne Bay and showing it off to its full potential is a real passion of mine. If just one of my photos encourages someone to visit the area then I’m happy. I love nothing more than knowing my work is up on people’s walls being enjoyed, including by people that used to live in Herne Bay.


What makes Herne Bay a lovely community to be a part of?

Herne Bay has a wonderful community feel to it, especially when events are going on or if people need help with anything. Having grown up in London, you really feel the difference, especially when walking around with my camera talking to passers-by. Herne Bay is so well looked after, especially the gardens on the sea front. It is also a really family friendly place to be.


As a photographer do you have a favourite season at all?

I have to say that I love all of the seasons for different reasons: Autumn and Winter for the beautiful colours and potential snow, Spring and Summer for the long days and vibrant community feel when out and about.


Finally, why would you recommend readers pick up a camera and have a local walk?

I’d recommend anyone going out with their camera, even if it’s just their camera on their phone. Technology really has developed so much over the years so you can capture some amazing shots with them. I personally love walking from Hampton to Bishopstone, if I am feeling especially energetic I would walk to Reculver Towers too. You can capture some lovely shots along the coast especially at sunrise or sunset.


My photos are available to view and purchase through my website and you can keep up to date with any new photos on Facebook by searching @photographywithpete or Instagram by searching Pete’s Photography.

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