Peter East-Hall captures the faces of Rye

Rye is renowned for its cobbled streets and Tudor-era buildings, both culminating in to what seems like a trip back in time to some truly breath-taking scenery. It makes a perfect place for local photographers to delve into and take some astounding pictures of our local area, and in the case of Peter East-Hall, also snap some of the beautiful faces of Rye.


Peter East-Hall, 45, moved to Lydd-on-Sea from London four years ago but has been visiting Rye since a child and has always had affinity towards our town, and having previously worked for the government, now runs a holiday let and has recently launched his photography business.


One of Peter’s most recent exhibitions that took place last year saw him capture some wonderful local Rye residents which you can see below.


We caught up with Peter to find out more about his work and how he first got into the world of photography.


Speaking to us at CommunityAd, Peter explained: “I was around 9 when I got my first camera, it was a red film camera. I had to wait ages to get the photos back and would have no idea what they would turn out like, and waiting for them took so long I would forget what I had captured! Later, I went on to digital cameras then on to my current DSLR camera.

“I enjoy capturing interesting landscapes. Often capturing things that might generally go unnoticed, for example a church tiled floor or light hitting chairs. I collaborate with other artists, portraits is something I challenged myself with”.


What are some of the problems you face as a photographer in such a competitive field?

“I’m starting out myself as a business, I am taking on advice and learning all the time,” explains Peter. “I know that my work is different from some other photographers i.e., I’m not a wedding photographer. I want to capture daily life in the form of art inspired by my surroundings. One of the problems I face is where I fit in in a photography field, with my varied style of photography, it’s not necessarily for me getting the technicity best image, as it’s more about capturing a visceral picture.”

“Since moving so close to Rye, I have really been lucky to interact and make friends with some Rye residents. I know there is a caring community within it, and I’m learning about Rye all the time with the long history.

“I love visiting and taking in all its architecture. The history of the place is so fascinating. The old style of one-off shops is a delight to visit.

“Becoming a friend of Rye Art Gallery, I am making more friends from the area who have similar interest to myself. Rye also offers a very creative experience with the galleries, shops, and the creative centre.”


To find out more about Peter East-Hall and his work, you can make your way over to his website or contact him on 07948 614021.

by Callum Knowles

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