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CommunityAd go strike for strike with Pegasus Karate Club Sensei Ryan Tubb.


Running for over three decades, Pegasus Karate Club is a traditional Wado Ryu Karate Club that train at Oakley Junior School. Wado Ryu is one of the four major karate styles that focuses not only on striking, but also joint locks and throws. We had the pleasure of talking to Pegasus Karate Club Sensei and 4th Dan Black Belt Ryan Tubb to find out more about the sport and this wonderful club… 


To readers who may not know, can you explain your own background in Karate and when/how and why you started up Pegasus Karate Club?

My name is Ryan and I’ve been practising Wado Ryu Karate for 24 years, since I was 10 years old, under the tutelage of our Chief Instructor Bernie Dominy – 8th Dan Black Belt – and I’m currently working my way towards my 5th Dan. I became a Black Belt at the age of 17 and have been teaching children and adults ever since, it’s something that I absolutely love.

Pegasus Karate Club has been running for over 30 years at various locations around Basingstoke and has also had a couple of name changes along the way. I started at our class in Chineham (Four Lanes Junior School) which still runs to this day, however, after I moved to Oakley in 2019 and our twin sons were born I thought that it would be good if we ran sessions in Oakley as well, so that once my sons are old enough I could get them involved in the club as early as possible. I also have a number of friends in the village with young children who had all previously asked if I’d be willing to teach them Karate.

Due to a number of reasons we had to postpone the plans to start up in Oakley until Sept 2022 but we’re up and running now and it’s been incredible so far! Our students are outstanding, the community support is unbelievable (getting us involved in school events etc.) and the school has been fantastic in helping us get the club off the ground – we’re even into our second term doing after school clubs for the Junior School.


What would you say have been the club’s most memorable moments?

The club has had a lot of success in its time, boasting previous winners of the Wado Ryu All England Championships in both kata (sequence of movements to practice learned techniques – think shadow boxing but for Karate) and kumite (fighting), winners of team and individual titles in the South East Karate Federation (SEKF) Championships and South England Karate Association (SEKA) Championships.

In terms of achievements, I believe that our Chief Instructor, Sensei Bernard Dominy, deserves a lot of recognition for his achievements as he has been taught by many of the world’s leading Wado Ryu exponents and took all of his Kyu grades and 1st Dan Black Belt grading under Master Tatsuo Suzuki. Master Suzuki was one of Grandmaster Hironori Ohtsuka’s (founder of the Wado Ryu style) most senior instructors and key students, who was responsible for introducing Wado Ryu throughout Europe and America. To achieve these grades under extremely strict grading conditions is testament to Sensei Bernie and highlights the incredible lineage of our club.


Have any of your members gone on to compete/win world titles and/or even represented their country and national level?

The club under previous names (Wasps in particular) had a very strong pedigree in competition fighting (kumite) nationally, as above, but in later years Sensei Bernie chose to focus on the more traditional, technical aspects of training – “aiming for perfection” in his words – and developing keen young students.

However, I think many martial artists in Basingstoke would agree that Sensei Bernie Dominy has had a profound impact on martial arts in the town. Many of the Karate, kickboxing and mixed martial arts clubs around Basingstoke have owners/chief instructors/instructors that have trained under or been influenced by Sensei Bernie at some point or another, whether it be in their formative years or all the way up to Black Belt before they went on to start their own clubs.


From a personal standpoint, what do you enjoy most about the sport of Karate?

I’m a big fan of Karate for many reasons but I think a couple of key things for me personally are the confidence it gave me (and still gives me) that I lacked when I was a kid. At the same time, Karate teaches you about etiquette and respect, so whilst giving you confidence it keeps you grounded so that the confidence doesn’t become arrogance.

I also enjoy the variety of training we do, one minute we can be doing kata, then next we might go all out on the pads, before moving onto grade syllabus pair techniques. This variety helps to keep things fresh and keeps you sharp physically and mentally.


Are you currently looking for any more members and if so how can interested readers enquire to find out more?

We are ALWAYS happy to welcome new members to the club, whether they are complete beginners, or advanced Black Belt students, or – as we’ve had recently – students that previously trained in Karate years (in some cases decades) ago and want to return to the sport. If any interested readers would like to find out more about the club then they can contact us at [email protected] 

Alternatively, they can drop into one of our Tuesday evening sessions at Oakley Junior School:

Infant Class (aged 4-7): 5:30PM – 6:30PM

Junior Class (aged 8-16): 6:30PM – 7:30PM

Senior Class (aged 16+): 7:30PM – 8:30PM


Do you have a long term vision of where you would like Pegasus Karate Club to be in the next 5-10 years?

As the club grows, firstly I would like to try and offer our current members more training sessions each week. The more you train the faster you progress and the better you get, which means the closer you get to that Black Belt goal.

If the interest from our students is there, once they’ve got more experience, I would like to look at taking the club to tournaments to compete in Kata and Kumite, whether locally, regionally or nationally. As instructors we will also be looking at attending more seminars and, if appropriate, taking any keen students with us.

I’m also hoping to continue offering the after-school clubs with Oakley Junior School and, if any readers would be interested in us doing the same for their child’s school please drop us an email, as we are hoping to provide more after-school clubs in the future.

Having seen first-hand how fantastic the local community is, I also want to make sure that the club keeps giving back to the community. We’ve previously provided prizes for school raffles to raise money to support them and as my sons will hopefully start attending the schools in 2025, we will be continuing to do this for as long as the school wants us to. We also recently helped with the teddy bear raffle at the Infant School Easter Egg-stravanganza and are looking forward to doing demos at the Friends/OJSA Summer Fayre (1st July) and at the Village Show (5th August) and providing our support to any other local events/causes in future.

Finally, inclusivity is something that is extremely close to my heart, as one of our sons has cerebral palsy and, with this in mind, I am looking to undertake courses with a registered charity that uses martial arts to change the lives of disabled or disadvantaged individuals, to try and make Pegasus Karate Wado Kai the most inclusive Karate club that it can be.


Find out more about Pegasus Karate Club on their Facebook @PegasusKarateClub.

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