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Woodchurch Driving Group offer carriCommunityAd Exclusive - News from The Tenterden Volunteer Centreage driving activities for adults with a range of disabilities some are wheelchair dependent. Their lovely ponies (George, Teddy and Winston Stanley) are at the centre of everyone’s enjoyment. Their group comes from a wide range of backgrounds and they bring many skills and interests. The Group’s ages range from 15 to 87.

The common bond is the horses who give so much to everyone. They have the ability to instil trust and confidence and a sense of personal achievement where other channels have failed. The driving sessions are so valuable and rewarding for all attendees. Drivers often enjoy honing their skills, competing against each other and at shows, whilst others just love being with the horses, learning how to groom and care for them and taking part in games and fun pursuits.

Volunteers are an essential part of what they do, they are looking for new volunteers to join their team.

  • Could you assist at their driving sessions? (They run between April and October)
  • How about helping to look after the horses at the stable?
  • Helping with fund raising activities, promoting and representing the group at public events?


Several of our local charities are looking for Trustees, particularly someone with a financial background who has a little spare time and would consider becoming a treasurer.


West View is a 30-bed community hospital that focuses on recovery and rehabilitation. On admission, patients will be introduced to some of the ward multi-disciplinary team, who will agree an individual care plan to work with. Their aim is to enable patients to recover as much independence as possible before returning home. An expected date of discharge will also be discussed.

A key part of recovery is to encourage patients to get up and dressed every day. During their stay patients, are encouraged to participate in a range of activities, for example games, quizzes and group exercise sessions, which will help aid the recovery, and enhances feelings of wellbeing.

It is important to encourage all patients to get involved with at least some of the activities. Companion volunteers are extremely valuable in helping patients to become more involved, by offering friendship, encouragement and a little help when required.

Many patients enjoy having a chat with a companion volunteer, staff members haven’t got the time to sit and chat, so a volunteer who can sit and chat is greatly appreciated by the staff and patients.

Often patients will enjoy reminiscing, talking about their memories with a companion volunteer is therapeutic for the patients and can be extremely interesting for the volunteer.

Volunteers usually visit once a week or once per fortnight and stay for a couple of hours. West View would love to welcome some new volunteers to their volunteer team.

Please contact Gill [email protected] to find out more about Tenterden Volunteer Centre and the vacancies listed above.

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