NBE FITNESS Thanet – ‘Every body is welcome’

NBE FITNESS is an online and in-person platform providing wellbeing services for those living with chronic illness, disabilities and passionate people wanting to work in an inclusive space to come together and enjoy holistic fitness methods.


Founder Kanndiss Riley, known as NBE (Notorious Big Energy) for her larger than life persona and positive energy, spoke to us and discussed her wonderful community interest company including how, why and when NBE FITNESS started, the success she has had and some upcoming sessions to look forward to in 2024…


To readers who may not know, can you explain your background in fitness and what started the idea behind NBE FITNESS?

NBE FITNESS came out of a need to support more folks to have fun without worrying. Working with people living with cancer, chronic illnesses and disabilities in my previous roles, hearing them say what type of gym they wish they could go to or why they don’t attend social activities made me want to create this vital space. We worked on removing barriers to activities from cost and travel and ensuring accessible sessions.


Against the odds, NBE FITNESS was born during COVID-19 after helping run 300 free fitness sessions for people over 50; looking back, did you ever envisage how much NBE FITNESS would grow during those unprecedented times in lockdown?

We hoped people would come to the sessions we were running on Facebook. When the opportunities started coming in, we knew what accessibility standard we wanted to reach. Thus, we used everything from Zoom to YouTube to bring people together to meet the demand.


How has NBE FITNESS been able to help provide wellbeing services for those living with chronic illness and disability?

As it was always our intention by design to be inclusive, we trained in sensory and accessibility sports practices to learn what we need to provide, most importantly, safe/fun sessions. We went to our community and ran community focus groups, taster days and surveys to ensure our audience wanted our provision.


What are some of the sessions you will be running in 2024?

The non-contact box on the beach is back, and customers’ favourite sensory trek and talks, and our arts & craft rest clubs are back.


Away from NBE FITNESS, what do you enjoy most about living in Margate, and what are your favourite go-to spots?

I love the beach. It’s such a mesmerising gift. Each part of our coast is stunning. Sometimes, I go down to Palm Bay to watch the waves. I love community spaces such as People Dem Collective, Ark, Cliftonville Bandstand, Margate Arts Club, Wildes, Windmill Community Gardens, camp and Cliffs. My favourite place is Olby’s Soul Cafe for their Sunday roast.


For more information and to book a session, go online and visit www.nbefitness.com

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