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MotheRing in Dover and Kent: Steph Upton

‘MotheRing’ is a great historical women’s fiction story set amongst many of the Kent towns, including Dover, and its surrounding area. So, if you love Kent, this story will definitely capture your heart. CommunityAd had the fantastic opportunity to speak to MotheRing author Steph Upton about her book.


So Steph, tell our readers about your book.

The novel is set in Kent, mainly in Dover and its surrounding areas. The time-period starts just after the Second World War and finishes twenty years later. It’s historical women’s fiction that will pull at your heartstrings but will also give you a smile as Dover, and many other Kent towns, are brought to life in a fictional tale. ‘MotheRing’ is a story that delves deep into the psychology of mothering, focusing on two women whose stories are interwoven. Selina is desperate for a baby, and when she discovers she is unable to conceive, she enters the world of adoption. Catherine becomes a stepmother, and then has a biological child of her own. These two women have a connection which slowly unfolds during the story. The novel is a powerful exploration of what it is to be a mother, through birth children, or otherwise. In short, it’s the debate about the effects of nature versus nurture.


What inspired you to put pen to paper?

I put pen to paper because I had something I wanted to say to society. The best way to prove my argument was by showing it within a story. I am passionate about supporting the incredible women who haven’t given birth to the children they love. Society tends to be more interested in the effects of birth genealogy, and less interested in the positive effects of nurture. This story contains ‘many’ thought-provoking issues for the reader to consider, but the main subject is how you can positively affect a child’s life, and how that child can change your life and that of others around you. So, if you are a stepmother in a second marriage, or if you are a grandparent, or fostering, or have adopted, or raised a child you haven’t given birth to, then you will love this book.


Have you always had aspirations to be a writer?

Since childhood, I have always wanted to write a novel, so this is the culmination of my 50-year-old dream!


Do you remember the first thing you wrote? What was it?

I was lucky enough to have my first ever short story chosen to be included in the Thanet Writer’s book, ‘Shoal.’ This gave me the confidence to write my novel.


What is it about Dover that you believe inspires creativity?

The castle has to be an inspiration. It’s exceptional in its architecture and preservation. Then there’s its location, high above the town and surrounding sea, it’s a spectacular sight. For me, it’s a magical place that contains a vast amount of mind-blowing history. It’s all so breathtaking.

Then there’s the historical town, with all its charm and mystic feel.

Creativity also pours through the veins of Dover’s magnificent coastline. But as well as the beauty of the white cliffs, the channel also shows us England’s close proximity to France, which is powerful in itself!

The port is the heart of the town and gives an entrance to our island. The ‘lock and key’ to England!

Dover inspires creativity in abundance!


Why should our readers become your readers?

If you love Kent, then you will love to see it in this fictional book. This story is full of the sights of Dover, (and the surrounding towns of Deal and Eastry are mentioned too!) I am an ex-Thanet girl, but I spent a lot of my childhood with my relatives in Dover, Deal, Sandwich and Eastry, these are the places that my heart will always love. I hope that my love for these towns shines through the story, and I also hope that when you read this book, you will be taken back in time, to see the place that you also love so well.

It’s a good read for everyone who loves Dover and its surrounding towns!


MotheRing can be found on Amazon to order in paperback or download instantly to your Kindle or Kindle App.

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