Miss Ramsgate Organisation Update

2023 was a very successful year for Miss Ramsgate and her Court, although the time seemed to fly by.


The year started in January 2023 when the previous Court of 2022-2023 (Miss Ramsgate, Lucy, accompanied by the Princesses, Lana and Maddie) attended the Sheppey End of Year Ball. They were awarded for 1st Court of the Year; 1st Princess of the Year (Lana); 2nd Princess Pairs of the Year and 2nd Queen of the Year. As well as these, they won 1st Queens Tableau of the Year and 1st Court Curtsey of the Year. They also attended the Court of Kent ‘Belle of the Ball’ Event in Dover. Lucy, our Queen, came 3rd in the Visiting Queens competition, while Maddie came 1st in the Senior Princess class with Lana 2nd. Our Little Rosebud Queen, Leah, was invited back to enter and she came 3rd, while our Deputy Queen, Alyssa, was presented with a special award, the ‘Jess Bye’ Trophy for Spirit of Carnival.

In March, it was time for the Court to hand back their Crowns at our own Selection Dance. We were a little disappointed by so few girls wanting to enter the competition, but the five judges had a hard decision to make from the girls who did enter. Miss Ramsgate 2023-24 was Lana Pearce, and the Princesses were Mollie Gibb and Evie Quint. Lucy stepped into the Deputy Queen role as is traditional. Their duties started almost immediately after they were chosen as they were invited to the official renaming of the San Clu Hotel along with many other guests. Over the year, Lana, Miss Ramsgate, was invited to open a new shop in Ramsgate High Street and attended the unveiling of a statue of two Spitfires at the new housing development called Spitfire Green on New Haine Road. She was also allowed to view the different properties being built there.

Of course, 2023 also saw the coronation of our new King, King Charles III, and Ramsgate celebrated with a parade through the town and a street party for the children at the Royal Harbour. The whole Court was involved in these events and helped serve the party food while getting in the party spirit and enjoying themselves.

They also enjoyed seeing the vintage cars and motorcycles at the Bucket and Spade run, where vehicles drive to Ramsgate and then go on show at Government Acre. The Court choose the vehicle they like the best and then present the Queen’s trophy to the winner. Mollie, our Princess, loves vintage cars and engines, so she was in her element spending time there. Mollie also took part in the Scout Gang Show as she is a Sea Scout, while Lana took part in some of the performances at Quex Park where she works. The Court also attended the unveiling of a blue plaque at Dame Janet Stancomb-Wills’ home of East Court on the Eastcliff and listened to the Mayor of Ramsgate, Councillor Pat Moore, talking about the good Dame Janet did for our town as our first female Mayor.

Carnival parades started in mid-June around Kent – but the first carnival we went to saw a disaster happen. The girls were over the moon to wear their “posh” Court dresses for the first time. Lana was especially proud to be wearing her beautiful new dress. It was a dream come true and all the girls looked lovely. We won the trophy for Best Visiting Court and the parade moved off, then disaster… someone standing at the roadside fired their water pistol straight at Lana, and they had loaded it with black paint! The paint went all over her dress, some over Lucy’s and over the float and the decorations. Lana was heartbroken, and all the Court were upset, so we stopped the parade for a while and calmed the girls down.

All credit to them that they continued the parade smiling and waving to the crowds. They were a credit to Ramsgate on that day.

Ramsgate Carnival is the day that the Court really looks forward to. It’s their day and they invite Carnival Courts from across Kent, Sussex and Essex. Along with the Mayor of Ramsgate, they receive the Courts in the arena and present each girl with a Ramsgate medal before they get on their floats and join the parade through the town with the Miss Ramsgate float leading the parade. After the parade we all go back to a hall where all Carnival Courts are given a meal and enjoy some dancing before the awards for the day are presented by the Mayor. We are very lucky that we work well with the Ramsgate Carnival Committee, and this year was a bit special, being our 100-year celebration.

The rest of the carnivals that took place across Kent and Essex made thirteen carnivals in total. At each of the carnivals the Courts are judged as well as the float. The Ramsgate Court were brilliant ambassadors for their town, talking to people of all ages and love being with the younger children. One of our Princesses resigned after Ramsgate Carnival for personal reasons, but a lovely young lady, Kayla, who knew nothing about Carnivals but was friends with Lana and Mollie, stepped up and fitted in as a Ramsgate Princess perfectly, and totally enjoyed herself as did Lana and Mollie. Overall, the Court have won 40+ awards this season, including the Court of Kent; Court of the Season; with Lana taking eight Queen of Queens awards; and nine placings for the Court of the Day by the whole Court.

The final results are not due until January, so we will have to wait. However, in March, we will be looking for a new Court for 2024-2025. Do you know of any young ladies aged 13-21 years old who live in the Ramsgate postcode of CT11 or CT12 who would like to have a lot of fun, make lots of friends and represent their town? This is not a beauty competition. Girls wear normal day wear for the afternoon judging, where they all sit together round a table with the judges and just chat. In the evening they can dress up in something they like for going somewhere a bit special and they talk to a compere about themselves. They are judged on personality, conversational ability, appearance and deportment. The date for the formation of the new Court is Saturday March 2, 2024, and all details will be on Miss Ramsgate Organisation Facebook page or the Ramsgate Carnival page, or you can talk to the Court Manager, Marion on 07798 677140. If you are chosen it will not cost your parents/guardians a fortune, as all travel and clothing is paid for and the girls are always chaperoned so they are safe. What’s more, they have fun! So come on girls, let’s see who the next Miss Ramsgate will be!

Thanks must go to so many people who support our organisation: Mayor of Ramsgate, Councillor Pat Moore; Ramsgate Town Councillors; Ramsgate Carnival Committee; ATS Event group, who marshal the carnivals and help keep the Court safe; the parents of our Court and the Court themselves, plus the members of the Miss Ramsgate Organisation Committee who work so hard to keep this long-standing tradition alive.


Written by:

Marion Pearce, Miss Ramsgate Organisation Court Manager

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