Miss Ramsgate 2024 Selection Dance

The Miss Ramsgate Organisation held the 2024 Selection Dance on Saturday March 2, to choose a new Miss Ramsgate and Court to represent the Town for 2024-25.


The judges for the day were: President of the Organisation and Vice President, Mr Trevor and Mrs Mandy Shonk; CEO of A&S Events Services, Mr Shane Scott; President of Association of Kent Carnival Organisations, Mrs Stella Collingwood and Miss Ramsgate 2020-2021, Alyssa Collingwood. They had a pleasant but difficult decision to make between the five lovely girls who entered.

The contestants and judges all sat down in the afternoon and the judges asked the contestanCommunityAd Exclusive - Miss Ramsgate 2024 Selection Dancets some questions and they chatted so the judges could get to know their personalities, and their confidence in talking to people. This lasted for approximately three quarters of an hour, after which the contestants went home to prepare for the next round of the competition.

In the evening, the contestants returned looking beautiful as they had all dressed in evening or prom type dresses. They each took to the stage and made a short speech of introduction about themselves, after which the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Mr Ralph Hoult OBE, asked each girl some questions. The judges all marked their judging sheets after which they were taken away by the independent Adjudicator, Rachael Collingwood, who added up the score sheets to see who was the winner. She put the results in a sealed envelope and kept them until later in the evening.

The event was very well supported by Carnival Courts and Chaperones from across Kent. The 2023 Ramsgate Court had been very popular during the year and the girls on the Court had made so many friends. They all wanted to be there to say their goodbyes, and see the Court stand down. We were very grateful that the Mayor of Ramsgate, Councillor Pat Moore, attended as she has supported our organisation for a long time, and she was pleased to take part in the ceremony of the Court making their final curtsey.

The girls of the 2023 Court made very emotional speeches of thanks and farewell, after which they performed their final curtsey to not only the Mayor but to their own parents who had supported them during the year. Each girl removed their sash and crown and handed them to their parents. The girls were all crying as were many in the hall, and the parents. Even the Mayor and I had a tear in our eye. We had some professional photographers from London, who were filming and taking photographs. They said that they were not expecting the outpouring of emotion shown by the girls standing down or their carnival “family”.

The time then came for the results to be announced and the New Court to be crowned. The retiring Queen is asked if she would like to stand as Deputy Queen for the forthcoming year and she is crowned first by the outgoing Deputy Queen. The Chairman, Mr Roger Pearce, then announced the results, the first being joint Princesses, Mollie Gibb and Nkemdirim Uliem. With a huge drum roll, the Queen, Miss Ramsgate 2024, was announced as Kayla Armer, which was a popular choice in the room. All the visiting Courts formed a ring around the hall and Kayla led her new Court around the room to receive congratulations from the visiting Courts, her family and friends.

The new Court will start their new duties representing their Town of Ramsgate in two weeks’ time. They have a busy, fun-packed year carrying out their duties.


Written by:

Marion Pearce, Manager of Miss Ramsgate Court

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