Minnis Bay Lodge supports Zambian Boarding School

John Matthews from the Minnis Bay Lodge writes on the progress of a Zambian Boarding School supported by the club.


A great achievement – well done boys!

Twenty years ago I started supporting a small village in Zambia as they wanted to develop a school but they were situated twenty five miles from the nearest town of Livingstone with little help from the Zambian Government. Assisted by a generous local resort, they went ahead with a nursery school and initially the children, many of whom were orphaned, started to attend, not for the promise of education but for the hot meal they got for making the effort. They were encouraged to play games and the education began to “rub off”.

The school developed into a Primary school as well, where apart from the “Three R’s” the children were taught how to grow their own food as adult life held no prospects of a job and they would have to be self-sufficient.

As the children grew older the school developed to match their needs and today it is a thriving secondary school but still supported by private charity.

Over the years my wife, Jacky, and I have remained in touch and helped by arranging charity events that many of the Birchington residents have supported by means of sponsoring my walks or attending one of the many charity events my wife and I have arranged.

The last events back in January and February were a thirteen mile walk and a Moroccan theme night. The proceeds were dividing between two charities “Spartan Warrior” and “The U Foundation”. The latter is the one responsible for the school development. They had previously advised me that two of the pupils had done extremely well and had qualified for a distant boarding school. The amount sent to them was just £417.50. Not a lot by UK standards but it is sufficient to send the two young lads in the photos to boarding school for a whole year all expensed paid!

This is a fantastic opportunity for the boys. They have clearly worked very hard and I wish them every success. It has made all our previous efforts worthwhile. Thank you to anyone who has supported these events in the past.


John Matthews, Minnis Bay Lodge

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