Miller’s Ark Animals welcomes new arrivals to Hook Farm

Spring has arrived, and with it comes a very busy time for everyone at Miller’s Ark Animals as they have welcomed some new arrivals to the farm!


After welcoming 8 Kunekune piglets on Christmas Day, Miller’s Ark Animals have since seen lambs, goats, and donkeys arrive at the farm to join the family!

Miller’s Ark have a tradition of a new theme each year when naming their lambs and kids, and this year the lambs were named after connections to musicals, and the goat kids were named after instruments! Two sets of lamb twins were called Billy & Elvie, and Dorothy & Toto! The goat kids that joined the family at the end of January were called Harp, Harmonica, Tambourine and Timpani!


There are lambing open days for ALL ages running from 9th to 14th April, and adult only (16+) open days on 20th and 21st April. Hurry; there’s only a few spots left! Book online via the Miller’s Ark website. For future open days for kids and adults in May and beyond please visit the Miller’s Ark website You can also keep up to date with the team on Facebook @millersark.

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