Maidstone businesses sponsor ‘Molly and Moo’

Molly and Moo is the first book published by Kent author Michelle Peet and has been sponsored by Vyman Solicitors, Alan Cook and local estate agent Le-Anne Coleman.


Molly and Moo is a children’s picture book about fun, family and friendship, with a sprinkling of monster magic. The book is primarily about the unconventional friendship between a little girl called Molly and a giant monster called Moo. It is illustrated by Emma Latham and is aimed at children aged 3-8 years old.

We caught up with author Michelle to find out more about her very first published work.

“I have always loved writing and storytelling, but focused on a career in law. In recent years, I returned to my passion for writing, and have written several articles for The Everyday Magazine and a number of children’s stories.

“In 2021, I created Cuddly Cactus Books and Molly and Moo is the first book that I have published.

“Since having my daughter, I’ve read many great children’s books (story time is one of our favourite things). However, I noticed that in most books featuring monsters, the monster was the ‘bad guy’, and I wanted to change that.

“Seven years ago, I came up with the idea of a story about a lonely little girl who is befriended by a giant monster. I wrote the first draft when I was furloughed in 2020 and, several months and rounds of editing later, Molly and Moo was ready.

“I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in autumn 2022, and officially launched Molly and Moo at Mood Lift Cafe in Snodland on 13th August 2023.

“Molly and Moo teaches children about the unconditional love that parents and care givers have for their children, the value of true friendship, and not to judge on appearances.

“Most of all, though, Molly and Moo is a sweet, fun story that I hope people will want to read with their children, grandchildren or classroom again and again.”

Michelle will be donating books to schools, nurseries, charities, hospitals and hospices, thanks to the kind support of her book sponsors and Kickstarter backers.


If anyone would like to purchase a copy of Molly and Moo, it is now available to buy at The Maidstone Art Centre and online at Cuddly Cactus Books charity merchandise is available from

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