Life through a Lens with Deal’s Stephen Rutter

Stephen Rutter, like many readers no doubt, discovered a new hobby during the initial lockdown of 2020. In complete contrast to my own, which were rediscovering Jaffa Cakes and practising the art of sofa yoga, Stephen’s hobby has given us something nice to look at.


Deal inspires creative folk, this much we’ve come to realise since launching our Deal magazine and Stephen Rutter is no different. He cites the sunrise and the waves as inspiration but his love of the place goes beyond the aesthetic telling CommunityAd “Deal is a beautiful town with a lot of history behind it. To live a short walk to the beach and beautiful pier, castles all around us I personally feel blessed every day I wake up”. He also notes how the close-knit community are generally very friendly and helpful.


Stephen advises against splashing out on fancy equipment and instead biding your time and opening your eyes to what’s around you when starting off in photography. If you are doing so it would be worthwhile checking out the Facebook groups Stephen has created Life Through A Lens and Life Through A Lens (Photography Support Group) where there’s monthly tuition and support all free of charge and for the love of the photos.



You can also find more of Stephen Rutter’s snaps on Instagram @steverutterphotography.

by Dave McKenna

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