Lewes through Luis Parra’s Lens

Luis Parra shares a first name with the town he loves, a town he works in every day. When Luis isn’t cleaning and tidying our streets, he’s often staring at them through his lens.


It’s to the benefit of our magazine readers that the talented photographer is constantly shooting the place Luis Parra refers to as ‘special’. The charming aesthetic of Lewes is well known and documented; Luis, though, is enamoured with all aspects of the town “especially the history of Lewes, the old part of Lewes, I love the castle area, high street, the nature reserve, all the antique shops, Chapel Hill from there are beautiful views of Lewes”.


It’s not just the architectural and natural beauty of the place that stands out for Luis though as he adds, “I think the variety of people who live in Lewes form a great family and community, they are always willing to help and that is one of the most attractive things and makes Lewes special”.


CommunityAd agrees with him wholeheartedly.


What’s your earliest memory of taking photos and picking up cameras?

“The first memory I have of picking up a camera was in my country in Spain, I think I remember I was about 20 years old and my first camera was an analogue Werlisa of which I have very good memories, I remember that I would take pictures of everything and then I would run to develop the film and see the result, then I switched to Canon and now I enjoy a Nikon which I am very happy with it.”


What piece of advice would you give a budding new photographer?

“If you really like photography, do not stop taking photos, first find out about the camera you have in your hands and then enjoy it as much as you can, test the exposure, play with the ISO, touch all the buttons in general, don’t get scared or stop taking photos because something goes wrong, look for new angles, focus and blur, etc, etc.”


When asked if he had anything to add at all, Luis Parra didn’t bring the attention back to his photos but again spoke of the populace, of the community he’s grown to cherish; “Well, I just want to add and say to the people of Lewes that they continue to take care of Lewes as they do, that they never change, that Lewes is a beautiful town but the people are what makes Lewes special”.


by Dave McKenna

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