Learning the art of self-defence with Overton Taekwondo Club

Founded in 1997, Overton Taekwondo Club are a family orientated WT style club based in the village with members ranging from ages six to sixty.


We had the pleasure of speaking with 4th Dan, L2 Coach, 1st Aid and Trustee of the Club Dave Hatton to find out more…


To readers who may not know, can you explain your background in Taekwondo and your role at Overton Taekwondo Club? 

I trained in Judo as a child and teenager and was lucky enough to train with Olympians Brian Jacks and Neil Adams. Judo gave me self-confidence, a respect for those who had worked hard to achieve the grade and a sense of belonging to a club.

I wanted my own children to gain experience from a Martial Art and my daughter and son both started with Overton Taekwondo when they were 4 years old and progressed to Black Belts and beyond.

When my daughter was 8 she was selected to attend an international competition in the USA and needed to be accompanied by an adult that was a member of the club. So at the age of 40 I took up Taekwondo. Rolling the clock on 17 years, I now lead the club along with my daughter Ellie and my colleague Caroline.

My role as an instructor is to teach the Art of Taekwondo and help my students gain the most they can from their training.


You have been running for 26 years, what would you say have been your proudest moments during this period at Overton Taekwondo Club?

It is a really proud moment every time a student receives their Black Belt from our associations grading panel. It is the culmination of many years of work and study and is recognized by a grading panel independent of our club.

I’m equally proud of every student that receives their first grade and starts their Martial Art journey.

Many students use Taekwondo as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and so it is a proud moment when they achieve success in this programme.


What motivates you to juggle working full time with teaching taekwondo classes?

I really enjoy seeing my students improving and progressing, There is a real buzz in class when everyone is working hard and enjoying themselves. It is rewarding to see students continue to train even when they find some of the work difficult.

Some of my best students have not been naturally gifted or ‘sporty’ but they have applied themselves and improved through self-motivation and hard work. It is the best feeling to see these students progress and achieve.

Above all we are a community club and so it is great to be able to give something back to the local community.

Why is Taekwondo such a great sport to learn in addition to helping teach life skills like patience and discipline?

The five philosophical tenets of Taekwondo are Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit, Modesty, Perseverance and Etiquette and we try to embody this in our teaching and training. By promoting these ideals and embedding them in our lives we can all be our best selves. Ultimately we aim to promote our students self-confidence.

Our training encompasses sparring, self-defence and Martial Art Patterns. Through this variety students gain a degree of physical fitness and improved co-ordination and balance that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives. This is particularly important as we grow older.

Taekwondo is an Olympic sport with worldwide appeal. We have been fortunate to train with Jade Jones and follow her Olympic career.


Do you have a future vision of where you would like Overton Taekwondo Club to be in the next 26 years?

We are a community focused club and want to stay as a grassroots family oriented organisation. We are a charity and all our fees go back into running the club. Our instructors are all volunteers.

I would hope the club is still alive and kicking (forgive the pun) in 26 years and being led by students who are training now, passing on the lessons learned to a new generation.


What do you enjoy most about living in Overton?

I have lived in Overton for almost 30 years and it has been a brilliant place to raise a family. There is always something to do here with clubs and societies for everyone. Despite growing in size, it still feels close knit and friendly.

Oh, and the Redfort Restaurant, Old House at Home and the Greyhound are fantastic!


To find out more and enquire about coming along to be a member go online and visit www.overtontkd.org.uk, phone 01256 672030 and/or email [email protected]

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