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Bearsted CAN is always looking for new action that can be taken in the community to respond to climate change.


CommunityAd Exclusive - Latest news from Bearsted CANSo the offer of some ‘unloved’ space in Ware Street has been embraced by the team and is being called Bearsted Station Roadside Nature Reserve.

Bearsted CAN are working with KCC who own the site and the parish council who have an overall interest and oversight in the whole village.

We are motivated by research such as that published in the State of Nature Report to support increased biodiversity and habitat in the village. For this space we intend a light touch maintenance regime. There are a number of shrubs recently planted and a native mixed hedge. The aim is to create a wildlife friendly habitat that will benefit and encourage insects, birds and wonderful creepy crawlies. Whilst clearing the invasive ground elder we were excited to come across an enormous very healthy toad amongst the soggy leaves.

There will be planting of UK grown, native species of plants that benefit wildlife, such as wildflowers, Evening Primrose, Wild Carrot, Cow Parsley, herbs such as Sorrel or Wild Garlic, shrubs and trees such as the Spindle Tree or Rowan and other plants such as Primroses, Loosestrifes, Foxgloves, Bugle, Teasles, Field Scabious and Ox-eye Daisies.

There is an intention to lay a few stepping stones as there is quite a steep slope and it is important not to compact the soil with too many enthusiastic heavy gardening boots! However we do hope lots of people in the village will want to join the group looking after the site and learning together about what to plant, what to remove and how to manage the site in the most nature friendly way.

Passersby will already see some of the invasive species removed such as Ground Elder leaving more space for additional diverse planting. Some material is being left to form habitat piles and plants which can deposit seeds over the winter are also being left to do their natural thing.

Enjoy this exciting space in your village as it develops over the seasons. Go forth and grow your gardens tall and wild. Please get in touch with [email protected] if you would like to get involved.


Mayor and Mayoress Visit Bearsted Repair Café

The final Bearsted CAN Repair Café of the year saw us tackle 65 more repairs taking the total for the year to over 270. The statistics and data from each event are analysed and the volume of material saved from landfill and CO2 reduction are calculated. This year we will have prevented over 3000kg of CO2 emissions and around 400kg of waste saved from landfill.

The cakes are always an important part of the event and this time some of them were Repair Café themed.

But the ‘icing on the cake’ was the visit by the Mayor and Mayoress who were shown round all the repair stations, here they are with Babs who is the jewellery repair expert.

Duncan Edwards, Bearsted CAN

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