The Ladies of Sittingbourne

We always need safe spaces for women of all ages to meet in a comfortable and welcoming environment, and we are happy to share the group Ladies of Sittingbourne with our local readers.


Started at the end of lockdown in July 2021 by local resident Jannette Christianssen, Ladies of Sittingbourne now has over 530 members and provides a platform for local ladies of all ages, races, and sexualities to battle loneliness and make some friends at the same time.


Talking about her inspiration Jannette explains: “I was browsing my Facebook and came across a post from a lady who had only lived in the area for a few years and was commenting on how hard it was to make new local friends. I sat and thought about my situation and how she was right, I have lived here now for six years and the only people I know are my neighbours, I have no friends locally I can meet up with for drinks or nights out.

“I decided to create the group thinking there would be maybe 20 or 30 people interested, I was shocked to discover just how many ladies felt isolated and alone.

“My hope was to introduce ladies within the local areas to meet, make friends and have some fun, relieve that feeling of being alone and isolated. I hoped it would give support to women who need it the most, to talk about issues they may have without any judgement. My hope was also to create a group where women can meet and talk in a safe environment, have support from others that have been through the same or similar thing, and just to be there for support.”


Why should ladies of Sittingbourne think about joining and getting actively involved in the group?

“This group is a great way of meeting new friends. I myself have met 7 lovely ladies who I have become very close to and enjoy a group WhatsApp chat most days and we regularly check on each other. We have created a great bond and when one of us are feeling down we gather together to be with them and support them.”


Jannette has had the opportunity to meet up with around 100 different women from the group so far, meeting up for coffee mornings, picnics in the park, dog walks, as well as a few bowling and bingo nights.


If you are a local Sittingbourne lady, then why not join a group of over 500 of your peers that can help battle loneliness and help you make some close connections? You can find them on Facebook by searching ‘Ladies of Sittingbourne’.

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