Julian Meetings in Canterbury

Organised religion isn’t for everyone, but for many people spirituality is still a big part of their lives.


When it comes to attending church, it can be a minefield navigating all the different names, labels, traditions, and beliefs – which can be very off-putting for a newcomer. You don’t want to offend anyone but at the same time you don’t want to attend a worship service in which the tenets preached are at odds with your own beliefs. If you are one of these people, or if you are simply in search of a place where you can sit quietly, clear your mind, meditate, and feel closer to your own individual spiritual practise, then you might be interested in attending a Julian Meeting.


A Julian Meeting consists of between six and fifteen people of various dominations and beliefs who meet in a church, venue, or private house. Although individual meetings may differ in structure and content, they generally consist of music or a brief reading as an introduction which is then followed by 30 or so minutes of silent, contemplative prayer. The meeting is then often concluded with conversation over tea and biscuits.


As the meetings are so individually tailored to a group’s needs and may cater to a huge variety of belief systems, there is no strict scripture that they follow; however, the Julian Meetings website does provide information and an instructional leaflet that can be helpful for people thinking of attending or setting up their own regular meeting.


You can find out more about Julian Meetings on their official website: thejulianmeetings.net. Here you can find out more about the structure and content of a Julian Meeting, as well as search for meetings that are being held near you.


If you are in the Canterbury area, then you will be delighted to know that Canterbury Cathedral will be hosting Julian Meetings in the New Year. Visit www.canterbury-cathedral.org for a full schedule of the different worship services on offer at the Cathedral.

by Alice Smales


Originally published on Page 30 of Canterbury CommunityAd Magazine, December 2022 – Issue 42

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