Inside the ropes with Dover’s Spencer Oakman

Dover’s Spencer ‘Oaky Cokey’ Oakman is a light heavyweight boxer who turned professional this year and has made a quick fire start having registered 3 wins from 3 fights with 1 KO.


At just 23 years of age, Spencer Oakman has time on his side and with serious title ambitions for the future, we caught up with the undefeated pro to discuss his earliest memories as a pro, proudest moments so far and his what dream venue to box at would be…


What are your earliest memories of boxing and when did you realise this was a career you wanted to pursue? 

My earliest memories of boxing were my first few spars, I got beaten up bad the first time and the spar had to be stopped. I fell in love with wanting to better myself each spar and gradually improved and got better until I could beat that sparring partner. I realised it was a career I wanted to pursue only last year, beforehand I wanted to join the military but it took my coach, Michael Williams, to believe in me and make me believe in myself that I can make a career out of this.


Who are your role models in the sport and who has helped you the most so far in your career? 

My role models in the sport are the underdogs that were never meant to be world champions. Tony Bellew is a big example and role model for me. He was very underrated and through hard work and dedication went on to achieve massive things in the sport. My coach Michael Williams has definitely helped me the most in my career so far. He took me from a rough and ready unlicensed brawler and fine-tuned my skills and in the year that I’ve been with him has put in so much time to help me improve and achieve me goals.


To readers who may not have seen you box, how would you describe your style? 

My style is a big mix, I’m 6ft 4 so can keep it long and usually that works as there is very few people at my weight that are taller than me. However, if the fight ends up on the inside I can fight close and also switch it up and fight southpaw. A summary of my style would be powerful boxer who can adapt to any situation.


You campaign at light heavyweight, in your opinion who would you say is the best 175Ib fighter in the UK and in the world?

In my personal opinion the best light heavyweight in the world is a toss-up between Dmitry Bivol and Artur Berterbiev. Hopefully those two will fight soon and we’ll see who comes out on top, I do prefer Bivol’s style though.

Also, the best fighter in the UK at light heavyweight in my opinion is Callum Smith.


How difficult is it balancing personal life (work commitments) with training? 

Balancing personal life with training is a nightmare. At this level on the small hall shows I still have to work and try and train twice a day and perform in those sessions. I also have a young daughter who I spend as much time as possible with. One day I aim to be able to make boxing my only source of income and get big enough pay days to allow me to be a full time fighter. I really think if I can get to that stage then I can go far in this game.


Do you have any dream venues you would love to box at in the future? 

My dream venue would be The Valley. Charlton Athletic’s football stadium. I’m a big Charlton fan and The Valley is a fantastic venue so to box there would be an absolute dream come true.


What would you say has been your proudest moment so far in the sport?

My proudest moment in my career so far was my professional debut. It was so surreal that everything I’ve worked on for years, all the ups and the downs all culminated in that night and it was a night I’ll never forget.


When can readers expect to see you next out in the ring?

I haven’t got a fight date as of yet but I plan on staying busy in 2023. Looking towards the end of February/March would be ideal.


Do you have a 5-10-year goal of what you want to achieve in the sport? 

No I don’t have a long time plan; I don’t like looking too far ahead as I believe if you look too far in the future you’ll miss opportunities in front of you. The only kind of plan I have is to win titles, I want belts around my waist and to make enough money that I can look after my family.


Away from boxing, what are your hobbies and interests?  

Away from boxing I love spending as much time as possible with my daughter. Watching her grow up is such a pleasure and words can’t describe how much I love that girl. I also like spending time with my girlfriend and my friends and chilling out. Boxing is such a demanding sport that when I’m away from it I just want to relax, a good holiday is always on the to do list.


To keep up to date with Spencer Oakman’s boxing career, follow him through his social media channels – Instagram – @oakcokey.bxr, Facebook – @spencer.oakman.90.

by Matthew Hemmings

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