Ian Hartley’s lens on West Kent

Ian Hartley is proud to say he’s lived in West Kent all of his life, being brought up here in terrific Tonbridge and since the tender age of 10 Ian’s been shooting the scenery that decorates this beautiful part of the world.


What first made you pick up a camera and pursue photography?

When I was 10, I got a Boots 110 film camera, then at 14 for my birthday received a Cosina CSM SLR film camera, this set me on my journey with photography. My first job at 16 was in Ernest Fielder Photographic shop in Sevenoaks, back then our customers included hobbyists and professionals, and I learnt about photography by speaking with these professionals and using some of the best film cameras available in 1982!


This part of Kent is a photographer’s dream, isn’t it? What aspects of our county inspire you?

I love that you can find some spectacular scenery within a short drive, in the last year we’ve been spoilt with some fantastic sunsets, if it looks like there’s going to be one, I pick up my cameras and get out to shoot it. Not just sunsets but you find areas of interest by walking in the local countryside.


What one bit of advice would you give someone starting out in photography?

Experiment, find what scenes you prefer to take images of, don’t be afraid to pick your camera or smart phone up and venture out. I have also learnt a lot from YouTube, as there are some great YouTubers who will explain everything about image composition and exposure. Lastly, you don’t need an expensive camera either, so don’t be put off by so called experts who say you need the best equipment!



Find more of Ian Hartley’s stunning photography on his website as well as on Instagram @ianmhartleyphotography.

by Dave McKenna

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