In conversation with Hythe Artist Linda Steed

This part of the world is awash with artists that give it a charm and character that makes it such a pleasant place to call home. One such artist who has called it home for over half a century is the lovely Linda Steed.


Linda’s father had spent some time at Shorncliffe Camp whilst serving in the army, during which he’d seen enough to fall in love with the place. He decided to
relocate his family to the Kentish coast and it’s a decision Linda is thankful for to this very day as her creativity and artistic ability has flourished.


What is it about Hythe/Folkestone that makes it such a charming community to be a part of?

I find the people of Folkestone and Hythe are a lovely mix of the traditional and the slightly bohemian which I feel gives the place an inclusive feel.


What is it about the Kentish Coast that inspires artists and creativity do you think?

I’ve always lived by the sea and wouldn’t want to live anywhere that wasn’t close to the water. The Kent coast, like the locals, is a fabulous mix of the traditional in its seaside resorts and the more unusual and very beautiful Dungeness, The Warren and the iconic White Cliffs. All these are endless sources of inspiration.


Why do you believe is it so important for one to express themselves creatively?

It so important to be able to explore your creativity, I think being creative gives you space and time to learn about yourself and time to detach from the everyday hustle and bustle.


There appears to be a nice community of artists locally, supporting each other which can only be a good thing for the area can’t it?

Having a strong and vibrant inclusive art community local is so important as it enables the sharing of ideas and makes art classes and art itself accessible.


Where can readers see more of your work?

I have a website and social media feeds Facebook Artwork by Linda and Instagram


Any plans you’d like to make our readers aware of at all?

There are two main events I’ve got planned for the year, my first solo exhibition hosted by Kent Talents Art Gallery in Broadstairs from 16th to 29th May. And the second is an outdoor event to raise money to support Ukrainian charities.

The date for this hasn’t been confirmed yet but I will share this on my website and media feeds as soon as I can.


Find more of Linda Steed’s amazing artwork on her website, Facebook Artwork by Linda and Instagram

by Dave McKenna

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