Hungry Hearts for the Homeless in Maidstone

On an average night, Hungry Hearts are helping feed 30-60 members of the local homeless and vulnerable community, people who might have recently lost their jobs, in temporary accommodation or are facing hardships for example, and there’s a few ways in which you can lend a helping hand.


With their base of operations at The Archest, near All Saints Church, Knightrider Street, founder Andrew Pike and fellow leader Nicola Finch not only help feed, but clothe and socialise with local members of the community every Monday and Wednesday evening, 6:45pm-8pm.


We caught up with Andrew to find out a little bit more about Hungry Hearts for the Homeless and how local readers can support this wonderful non-profit organisation over the winter period.


Andrew, who set up the organisation over three years ago explained: “We have a lot of people who help us do what we do, from local businesses donating food, to groups coming along to support us with the soup kitchen, donating clothes, tents, sleeping bags, food, and even their time to just sit and talk to someone for an hour, people don’t just come to have something to eat.

“During COVID however, we were impacted a lot. We lost a lot of volunteers when lockdown hit, so what we did is made up bags of hot food, and carried out a sort of bag and go system – no one would could stop for a chat, tea or coffee, it was just giving them a hot meal and leaving straight away to avoid any gatherings.”


Although times are tough, Andrew remained hopeful and positive about the difference his team could make: “We get a lot of nice people with really kind hearts, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am. I might have started it, but I’ve got the backup behind me.

“My team are amazing, my volunteers, my cooks, they are all amazing. You have to be registered to cook, we are doing first aid courses, we just make sure we are above board and it’s all running as smoothly as possible.”


For those of our readers who would want utilise their volunteering spirit and help out with this more than worthy cause, you can do so by making your way over to their Facebook page @hungryheartsforthehomeless and messaging to get involved with volunteering (if you are over 18). You can also support Hungry Hearts financially with monetary donations, or other donations such as hats, gloves, coats, sleeping bags, tents by messaging the page or emailing [email protected].

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