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For the past four years, The Hope Hub have been committed to helping prevent and end homelessness and reducing poverty in Surrey Heath and surrounding areas; like most over the past year, they’ve had to adapt to COVID-19 and the lockdowns that ensued.


The Hope Hub, which is based in Camberley, focuses on helping people in crisis who are homeless, unemployed, struggling with mental health and/or addictions; the Hub works to empower those who seek its services through a range of workshops, training and opportunities. All of this works to secure safe accommodation, manage money or debt and upskill digitally through vocational certificates and qualifications; helping people become the best person they can be.

Last financial year, ending March 2021, The Hope Hub’s services were accessed 9,733 times by 216 people aged between 18-81.


CommunityAd caught up with Paul Amphlett, Fundraising Coordinator at The Hope Hub, to find out how they had to adapt to a whole new way of working over the past year and more.


Paul explained: “The Hope Hub has been delivering its services to clients throughout the pandemic period. We have had to adapt the way in which we worked with our Clients to ensure the safety of The Hope Hub team and our Clients. Working to strict COVID protocol, Clients have been met outside the building and with telephone calls. In addition to our homeless Clients it became very clear that other people in our community needed help too.

“For example, people self-isolating and unable to do the weekly shop, people afraid to leave home, people struggling to meet the cost of the weekly shop through personal circumstances resulting for the pandemic.

“Our trained frontline Case Worker team initially meet each person and draw out their aims and goals whilst being able to access our Crisis Services for food, benefits, welfare support and access temporary and permanent accommodation.”


Remaining open throughout the pandemic, the Hub has been purposefully agile supporting:

  • 216 Clients between the ages of 18 – 81
  • Services Accessed: 9,733 times – that’s up by 3,000 on the previous year!
  • Average 45 times per person
  • Client Visits to THH (COVID): 943
  • Held 5,801 1:1 meetings/online support sessions with Clients
  • Served 1,578 meals/refreshments
  • Sourced, packed and supplied 1,114 food parcels
  • Supported 91 people into accommodation
  • Secured 33 benevolent grants for vulnerable people
  • Outreached across the Borough 365 times to support people in need
  • Supported 29 people into employment
  • Mentored 63 Course Completers in IT / Digital Upskilling and training
  • Introduced a new IT Connect Project for housed Clients


In what ways can our readers help The Hope Hub and the wider community?

The support we receive from the local community is fantastic. People respond so well to our Facebook shoutouts for food, clothing and furniture donations. But importantly the fact that people are so supporting is a fantastic recognition of the hard work our dedicated team does to help people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness and or suffering from the effects of poverty and isolation.

We hope that people will continue to support us and join in with the many events we have planned in the coming year. Details will be published on our website and our social media pages. We always welcome people following and liking our Facebook page.

Details of how to donate may be found on our website.


What wonderful work The Hope Hub are doing! Find out more by visiting their website or checking out their Facebook page.

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